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Sport Pitch Underlay

What Is Sport Pitch Shock Pad Underlay?

The Rubber Company supply shock pad underlay for a wide variety of applications. One of the key features of the underlay is that it can be used under a variety of other products while enabling them to function to their highest potential. Our foam shock pads are manufactured from 100% recycled materials, which ensures that you get an ethical and sustainable product. The shock pad underlay is a high quality product which has been tested to meet British as well as worldwide standards which has enabled us to work with prestigious companies from all around the world.

How Do You Use The Underlay?

The shock pad underlay is installed as a base layer just above the ground surface. As long as the surface is level you can install the underlay on just about anything. For the purposes of sports pitches we anticipate you will be installing the shock pad underlay on either grass or soil (which will require a weed membrane) or on stone or concrete. The shock pads come in a puzzle shape design which enables them to cover a large area while also minimising installation time. The puzzle design also eliminates the need for adhesive or fixing clips as the pads lock themselves together. Once the shock pad underlay has been installed and you are satisfied that the surface is level you can install your desired turf over the top as you typically would.

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Meets professional sports standards:

  • FIFA – Football
  • FIH – Hockey
  • GAA – Gaelic Athletic Association
  • IRB – International Rugby Board 

What Are The Benefits?


A problem that many outdoor artificial pitches face is that the drainage is often poor and a separate drainage system needs to be installed to prevent water from building up under the turf. We manufacture our sports pitch underlay from a closed cell polyethylene material. This prevents the shock pads from absorbing any liquid which ensures long lasting durability of both the underlay as well as the artificial turf itself. Aside from this, our sports pitch underlay is made with vertical drainage holes and horizontal grooves on the bottom. This provides complete permeability across the field and ensures a perfect playing surface in all conditions.

Fall Damage:

A common problem many people face when using artificial turf is that the synthetic grass is rougher than natural grass. The means that when people inevitably fall, the risk of cuts and damage is higher. Our sports pitch underlay provides a softer surface and absorbs any potential impacts which reduces the risk of injury to the player. Despite providing a safer surface, the underlay feels completely natural underfoot and doesn’t disrupt the stride of the players or the roll of the ball.

Key Features

  • High shock absorption properties 
  • Reduces the risk of damage and injuries 
  • Suitable for professional and other sports areas (Multi usage games areas – MUGA) 
  • Lost lasting performance – 25 year guarantee 
  • Excellent drainage 
  • Quality closed cell Polyethylene material 
  • Eco friendly 
  • Hardness does not fluctuate in the cold
  • Quick and easy to install 

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