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Fenders For A Variety Of Applications

What Are Fenders? Rubber fenders are manufactured from a variety of different compounds and come in a range of shapes and sizes depending on the application. Users typically attach them to the side of their property or an object to […]

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Gym Rubber Flooring Solutions

What Is Gym Flooring? We often use the term “gym flooring” to refer to a range of products which we design and manufacture specifically for use in gyms. We manufacture using a range of rubber compounds in both tile and […]

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Polyethylene Foam

What Is Polyethylene Foam? Polyethylene foam, also known as closed cell foam is a highly durable and strong chemically cross linked foam. It is typically manufactured in a rigid format which makes it ideal for use in many industrial and […]

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Rubber Window Seals

 What Do Window Seals Do? Windows are a key feature of many buildings and vehicles. They enable light to come in while also allowing us to see the world outside. However, windows are often a weak point in terms of […]

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Fire Resistant Rubber Sheeting – EN45545

As our society has become more and more health and safety conscious over recent years it is crucial that we change our old ways of building and transportation to meet these new standards. An industry which has been which has […]

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How To Choose The Right Stable Matting

What Is Stable Matting? We manufacture and supply mats specifically for use in equine, stable as well as agricultural applications, we call this range of products stable matting. We design a range of mats to suit a wide variety of […]

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RubbaPour Golf Course Walkways

Ideal For Golf Courses When you think of golf courses the first image that typically comes to mind is of lush greens and 18 holes. Anyone who plays golf knows how important it is to preserve these grassy areas to enable […]

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