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RubbaPour Golf Course Walkways


Ideal For Golf Courses

When you think of golf courses the first image that typically comes to mind is of lush greens and 18 holes. Anyone who plays golf knows how important it is to preserve these grassy areas to enable the game to be played as it was intended. So where does RubbaPour come into this? RubbaPour provides an excellent way to define walkways and easily guide users throughout your course.

What Is RubbaPour?

RubbaPour is a permanent safety surface which is highly versatile as well durable. Our RubbaPour is made from a combination of high quality EPDM granules with a rubber binder which holds the granules together while also providing a protective barrier from the elements. The Rubber Company have been developing and supplying RubbaPour for various uses all over the world. We use highly trained professionals to ensure every job meets and exceeds every customers expectations.

The Advantages Over Other Surfaces

Commonly golf courses have opted for pea shingle, gravel or even tarmac for use in their walkways. However, each of these options all come with their own problems. Pea shingle and gravel is easily spread during use and so requires constant maintenance to define a walkway. Tarmac often deteriorates during the winter months which can cause cracks and an uneven as well as unsafe surface. All of these surfaces provide little to no protection should any trip or fall.

Rubbapour provides a solution to all of these problem. Once installed RubbaPour provides a smooth, seamless surface to clearly define walkways. The simplicity of RubbaPour also enables you to put designs into the surface which enables you to mark out directions towards the next hole if you so desire. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination. Unlike tarmac we design our RubbaPour with longevity in mind. Once installed correctly it can withstand heavy footfall, as well as the harshest weather conditions without showing signs of deterioration.

 Example Of RubbaPour On Golf Courses

Stonehaven Golf Club:


As you can see from the image on the left the old pathway had spread onto the grass and also had grass and weeds growing throughout it. RubbaPour was used to clearly define the walkway and provides a classy yet simplistic surfacing solution. Not only will their new walkway stand the test of time it also provides an even and safe pathway for all of the clubs users.

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If you have any queries or want to install RubbaPour in your outdoor area please don’t hesitate to get into contact with us.

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