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Fire Resistant Rubber Sheeting – EN45545

As our society has become more and more health and safety conscious over recent years it is crucial that we change our old ways of building and transportation to meet these new standards. An industry which has been which has been greatly affected by this change is the rail industry. A service which is in charge with transporting millions of people around the clock, (if the train hasn’t been cancelled that is).

Many rail companies are in the process of changing their existing rubber sheets with a recently developed EPDM product which meets these new safety standards. This new rubber sheeting is a massive step when it comes to providing superior safety, particularly in the rail industry.

What Is Fire Resistant Rubber Sheeting?

Fire resistant rubber sheeting is a high quality EPDM rubber sheet which has replaced existing rubber sheets in a number of trains across the country. This EPDM sheeting conforms to the new British standard EN 45545, which has been independently tested by safety experts to ensure this product meets the new safety standards.

This new fire resistant rubber sheeting offers reduced smoke as well as toxicity levels. This means it is not only safer to use but is also less damaging to the people on and around the train.

That Importance Of Transport Safety

Safety is not something a lot of commuters tend to think about. However, before any new transportation vehicle has been certified for use on our roads or rails it needs to pass a series of tests. These tests are designed to account for even the most unlikely of circumstances, to ensure that users are safe at all times.

The introduction of the new fire resistant rubber sheeting is just one of many new criteria that has been set up to not only minimise risks, but also to provide a cleaner experience for everyone.

Where Do We Come In?

The Rubber Company are becoming increasingly involved in the world of transport and transport safety. Specifically using this new EN 45545 EPDM material we are developing a new range of products to suit a variety of applications.

These products include, but are not limited to;

  • Gaskets
  • Joints
  • Seals
  • Strips
  • Pads

We also have the ability to mould and extrude this material into profiles, strips, sections, bellows as well as caps.

Here at The Rubber Company we are very excited about the potential of this material and the implications on the world of safety.

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