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How To Choose The Right Stable Matting

What Is Stable Matting?

We manufacture and supply mats specifically for use in equine, stable as well as agricultural applications, we call this range of products stable matting. We design a range of mats to suit a wide variety of applications and environments. In order to get the most out of your stable matting it is important to select the correct mat as there are many to choose from. Here at The Rubber Company we have had many years experience manufacturing and supply rubber mats all over the world. This has given us a lot of experience in to what types of stable mats are best for each specific requirement.

As with all types of rubber matting there are a few key factors which you need to look out for to ensure you get the more suitable mats for your unique needs. Anti-fatigue properties are one of the most important qualities these mats can have. Other properties such as a non slip surface and liquid and dirt run off channels also contribute to make great stable matting.

How Is It Better Than Hard Flooring?

Animals spend 90% off their day standing on their four legs and in some cases, certain animals even sleep standing up. On a grassy or natural surface this doesn’t pose much of an issue to the animal. However, much like us, the strain of standing on a hard surface for a long period of time can cause circulation problems and puts unnecessary pressure on their joints. Our range of stable matting has been proven to reduce the strain on the animals heart and joints, ensuring a healthier as well as happier animal. Unlike humans, it can be hard to tell when an animal is in pain or discomfort so it is important to do everything you can to provide a safe, relaxing environment for them.

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Stable matting is also more hygienic and much easier to maintain than hard flooring. The rubber mats help to prevent the spread of germs and certain mats have channels to draw any waste and debris away from the animals. Cleaning the mats couldn’t be easier, simply remove the mats from the stable or transport vehicle and hose down. We design the mats to lay flat on the surface without the need for adhesive to provide a fast and simple installation solution.

The Different Types Of Stable Matting We Offer

Stable Rubber Matting:

stable matting

Our Stable Rubber Matting is a moulded rubber mat with an attractive, anti-slip ‘cobbled’ design on the top side and studded pattern on reverse to facilitate drainage (or wide ribbed bottom).  Shown to improve insulation, keeping your animals warmer and safer during the winter months. Providing a softer surface for the animals to walk and sleep on also means that you can reduce the amount of bedding needed by up to 80%. As well as excellent drainage, the studded underside of the mats provide great gripping. Ensuring that they do not move underfoot.

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Amoebic Rubber Matting:

stable matting

Our amoebic rubber matting are high quality moulded mats, which make great stable mats due to the products unique properties. This rubber matting has an attractive anti-slip, low relief ‘amoebic’ pattern design on the top and a wide ribbed pattern on the reverse to facilitate drainage. Fitting rubber stable matting is becoming more and more popular as people realise the obvious benefits to horses and owners alike. Rubber matting gives great insulation of the floor and protection to your horse, which means as much as 80% less traditional bedding is needed.

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Studded Rubber Matting Stable Mat:

stable matting

This anti-fatigue rubber matting provides comfort underfoot for animals and can prevent injury from strain of standing on a hard surface. This rubber matting also provides an extra layer of insulation on the stable or transport vehicle floor. This can help keep the animals warmer particularly in the winter months. A key feature of this particular stable mat is its superior life expectancy. Unlike some of the other stable mats we offer you can use this mat on both sides, so when one side starts to deteriorate simply flip the mats over.

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Rubber Cow Matting:

stable matting

Rubber Cow Matting is heavy duty all rubber matting with a unique construction. They are durable and very hard wearing, offering superb animal comfort and protection. These anti-fatigue mats can prevent injury to ligaments and joints from strain of a hard surface. These extra heavy duty mats are designed to support the weight of a cow, relieving pressure on the joints. This particular matting offers an interlocking design to allow for easy and secure installation. Our rubber cow matting has also been proven to increase milk yield and the quality of the meat.

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EVA Foam Floor Tiles:

stable matting

Our EVA Foam Floor Tile is a high quality, dense and durable expanded EVA foam floor or wall mat. Giving ultimate cushioned protection for horse and livestock, it is ideal for animal stables and transporter vehicle floors and walls. This particular matting also offers excellent insulation properties, keeping your animals warm in even the coldest of environments. This flooring is also incredibly light weight making it easy to transport as well as install.

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Wye Matting:

stable matting

Despite not being a specific anti-fatigue mat, our Wye matting does possess good anti-fatigue and comfort properties. The top surface also has a non slip finish which makes it safer for use when wet. What sets this matting apart from the other options we offer is the excellent drainage it offers. The series of holes with the drainage channels help to guide liquid as well as debris off the surface of the mat. This makes it easier to clean and also provides a safer environment for the animals.

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RubbaGrass Protection Mats:

Stable Matting

Suitable for use on grassy or soft surfaces our RubbaGrass mats provide a permanent solution to protect not only the animals but the ground beneath them as well. Our RubbaGrass mats are highly versatile which enable you to use them in a wide variety of applications and environments. They are also highly durable and can easily withstand heavy footfall for a long period of time without deterioration.

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How Do You Use Stable Matting?

It is down to your individual needs as to how you use our stable mats. You can use our range of stable matting in indoor as well as outdoor applications, depending on the type of mat you use. You can also use our stable mats in transport vehicles for superior safety for the animals. Some of our customers prefer to permanently fix the mats to the ground surface. However, we typically suggest laying the mats loose as this allows for easier maintenance.

If you have any questions regarding any of our stable mats, please don’t hesitate to get into contact with us. We are always happy to help.

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