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Rubber Window Seals

 What Do Window Seals Do?

Windows are a key feature of many buildings and vehicles. They enable light to come in while also allowing us to see the world outside. However, windows are often a weak point in terms of insulating and as a result a lot of heat is lost through windows. Almost all windows feature rubber seals which serve a very specific purpose. Window seals provide an airtight seal which prevents cold air from entering and warm air from leaving. They are typically relatively soft in construction which enable the seal to compress when under pressure. This ensures that when the window is closed the seals provide the maximum surface area possible which leads to superior insulation.

 The Different Types Of Window Seals


Claytonrite window seals are the most common type of window seals you would come across. Our customers often use these seals on the windows in their house, however these seals are perfect for use with many different glass & panel combinations for glass, acrylic and Perspex. Once the claytonrite seal is in place a filler strip is placed through the middle channel on the seal which clamps the seal in place to ensure a secure fit.

Rubber U Channels:

Our customers tend to use rubber U channels as window seals in custom or larger scale projects. These seals provide less functionality compared to the claytonrite seals, they make up for this however by providing superior protection and durability. We design many of our U channels to be pressed over the edge of the glass. The tapered design on the inner channel ensures a tight fit which provides a secure connection but it also enables you to install and remove the U channel as you need.

A Choice Of High Quality Materials


Typically used in the manufacturing of claytonrite glazing seals, our EPDM rubber glazing seals have excellent weathering, wind and watertight resistance. This makes them ideal for use in homes and vehicles alike. We are also able to manufacture specific compounds for  Rail, Medical and fire specifications which are available as a special order.


We often use silicone to manufacture our range of U channels as these seals are typically used in larger scale applications. One key feature that silicone has over EPDM and TPE is it’s excellent temperature range. Silicone is able to withstand temperatures as low as -55°C and as high as +300°C, all while maintaining it’s useful properties. What we mean by this is certain materials are able to function in low temperatures but are prone to becoming rigid which makes them prone to deterioration.

Rubber TPE:

We are able to manufacture using TPE for both the claytonrite and U channel seals. This is due in part to the excellent versatility the material offers. TPE also offers excellent resistance to weathering which makes it perfect for use in sealing applications. TPE is also non marking which enables it to preserve the appearance of any object you use it on. A key advantage that TPE gives you over the other two compounds listed above is the design choices it gives you. We are able to manufacture TPE in a range of colours to suit and purpose.

Ideal For A Range Of Applications

It would be impossible to list every application as you are only limited by your imagination. However, these are the most popular applications our customers use these window seals for;

  • Window Seals For Buildings
  • Vehicle Seals
  • Panel Seals
  • Caravan Seals
  • Train Seals
  • Aeroplane Seals

 Recent Project – Vintage Tram Restoration

We are always happy to explore unique projects which require custom seals. A recent project of ours involved restoring some of the seals on a vintage tram which had become deteriorated. In projects like this one it is always important to maintain the vintage aesthetic of the tram while also offering the functionality of modern seals.

Initially the restoration company wanted seals for the front four windows which didn’t need to open or move. This meant that the seal was relatively simple in design which enabled us to provide the maximum sealing possible. However, the company then wanted to replace the seals on the windows which had moving parts. This required a series of more complex seals in order to achieve smooth opening and closing while also providing adequate sealing capabilities.

window seals

window seals

We are always happy to work with you regarding any custom seals you may require. You have full choice over size, shape, colour as well as material compounds. Simply contact us with your requirements, drawings or images of the proposed product are always welcome as it enables us to quickly identify what shape and size you require.

Click here for more information on our claytonrite window seals.

Click here for more information on our rubber U channels.

If you have any queries or are unsure which type of seal is best suited to your unique application please get in contact with us.

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