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Polyethylene Foam

What Is Polyethylene Foam?

Polyethylene foam, also known as closed cell foam is a highly durable and strong chemically cross linked foam. It is typically manufactured in a rigid format which makes it ideal for use in many industrial and commercial applications. The rigidity makes it perfected suited for use as a protective barrier, due to this many of our customers use this product in shock absorbing and packaging applications. However, the superb versatility of this product enables it to be used in a range of applications from buoyancy aids and thermal insulation to acoustic sound proofing.

We also have a lot of freedom over the shape and formats that polyethylene foam can be produced in. Our production facilities are able to produce polyethylene in many forms such as: sheets, rolls, strips, gaskets, seals, plain and adhesive backed. This ensures that we are able to manufacture a product to suit even the most unique requirements.

A High Quality Material

Starting life as a plastic compound grants polyethylene foam unique properties which helps to make it highly versatile as well as durable. Polyethylene is resistant to many types of chemicals and grease. This essentially means it is not attacked or deteriorated by strong acids and bases. It is also resistant to gentle oxidants and reducing agents. This makes it an excellent material for use in sensitive environments.

Another key feature of polyethylene foam is that it absorbs almost no water. This makes it excellent at protecting objects as it is impervious to mildew rot and bacteria which often deteriorate old objects and artifacts in particular.

Polyethylene foam is lightweight and flexible which makes it easy to transport and shape to fit a specific area or object. However, despite being lightweight this material also features a high impact strength and is also resistant to tearing as well as friction. Often it is a choice between these features but polyethylene gives you the best of both worlds.

Finally, polyethylene is easily able to function in temperatures between -60c and 90c. This wide temperature range coupled with its water resistant properties enable you to use it in a variety of environments with ease.

Potential Applications

The vast array of useful properties this product posses enable you to use it in almost any application. Below is a list of the most common uses for this product;

  • Shock Absorbing Sheet
  • Packaging
  • Buoyancy Aids
  • Thermal Insulation
  • Kneeling Pads
  • Acoustic Sound Proofing
  • Case Inserts
  • Seals
  • Gaskets
  • Point Of Sale Display
  • Edge Protection Profiles
  • Sports Equipment
  • Gym Mats
  • Expansion Strips and Gap Fillers

 A Recent Project

Newport Medieval Ship:

The company in charge of the Newport Medieval Ship museum were looking for a new way to protect and present parts of the destroyed medieval ship as part of a public exhibition. Particularly in applications such as this, the old wooden parts had absorbed a lot of water over the years and our polyethylene foam sheets prevent the spread of moisture.

They approached us with some specific requirements, looking for the best product to suit their needs. The sheets needed to be lightweight for easy transportation but also able to withstand the heavy weight of the larger parts of the ship. They had to to be water and moisture resistant. Finally the product had to be easy to cut and shape in order to be able to fit around some of the more unique remnants of the ship.

We suggested polyethylene foam and after receiving the sample the company were happy this this material would suit all of their criteria.

polyethylene foam

Polyethylene foam being cut to house the smaller parts of the ship


polyethylene foam

Polyethylene foam used as a protective sheet to display large sections of the ship


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