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What Is Gym Flooring?

We often use the term “gym flooring” to refer to a range of products which we design and manufacture specifically for use in gyms. We manufacture using a range of rubber compounds in both tile and mat format to ensure we have a product that meets your unique requirements. You can install our range of gym flooring solutions on a variety of surfaces, using adhesive for a permanent solution or laid loose for a easy to install and remove system.

We craft each rubber flooring product we offer for use in specific applications. This ensures that the product you get is designed as well as manufactured for that specific purpose in mind. Available in a wide range of sizes, colours, materials and heights. Our gym matting is suitable for commercial, home gyms and workout centres. Our extensive high quality offerings of gym mats and rubber gym flooring are affordable, durable and resilient. We construct our range of gym matting from environmentally friendly materials and is also PVC free.

How Is It Better Than Standard Flooring?

The difference that our gym flooring options make in comparison to carpet or hard flooring are like night a day. Anyone who has been to a commercial gym has no doubt heard the various thuds and bangs which come as a result of people dropping weights on the floor. As the specific purpose of the weights are to be heavy, it would come as no surprise that the constant impact of the weights hitting the floor can damage the floor as well as the weights themselves. Our range of gym flooring solutions provide a protective barrier on the floor which absorbs most if not all impacts in order to protect the surface from damage. In built up areas this feature is particularly important as the flooring also reduces sound levels, which i’m sure your neighbors will be thankful for.

Aside from the protective properties our gym flooring offers, they also help you get the most out of your workout. The softer surfaces provides superior anti-fatigue properties which puts less strain on your heart as well as joints. This enables you to train harder, for longer, without fear of damaging your body.

Maintenance is also much easier. A key feature of rubber is it’s resistance to a wide variety of chemicals. This enables you to spray and wipe down the mats and tiles to quickly provide a clean, sterile environment. The mats and tiles are easy to install and remove, enabling you change the design and layout with ease. Our rubber mats are easy to cut which allows you to install them in even the most complex areas.

The Different Types Of Gym Flooring We Offer

Crossfit Rubber Tiles:

Gym flooring

We manufacture our high quality crossfit rubber tiles exclusively in the UK. This product is particularly popular for use in crossfit gyms, hence the name “crossfit rubber tiles”. However, this product is ideal for use in any gym large as well as small. We make our crossfit rubber tiles using an environmentally friendly process from recycled truck tyres. Our crossfit tiles are highly durable, able to withstand the frequent impact of weights for a long period of time. This product is suitable for use in free weight areas as well as underneath fitness machines. We are also able to dye these tiles to produce in a terracotta red or green colour.

Click here to find out more about our crossfit rubber tiles.

Studded Rubber Matting:

gym flooring

Our studded rubber matting is perfect for use in free weight areas due to the excellent impact absorbing properties the product offers. This matting provides superior protection to the surface underneath, as the rubber studs compress under pressure to deflect the weight away from the surface. This product is ideal for use in both private and commercial gyms as the mats provide a layer of sound absorption from the dropping of weights as well as noisy machinery. This product is also relatively low maintenance, being easy to clean with a wide variety of equipment. Rubber offers resistance to a range of chemicals and helps to prevent the spread of bacteria.

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gym flooring

We manufacture our high quality RubbaRoll® flooring range from EPDM and recycled rubber with a high strength urethane binder. The high quality EPDM we use gives this particular product excellent absorption and cushioning underfoot. We typically supply RubbaRoll® in rolls to provide you with longer lengths for a more seamless appearance. RubbaRoll® has a predominant base colour of black and available in various colour patterns. The versatility of this product enable you to use it in a variety of leisure applications. RubbaRoll® rubber matting is available in many thicknesses, dependent on your needs, for an impact absorbing surface in a gym or an anti-slip and hygienic floor surfacing in a canteen, among other applications.

Click here to find out more about our RubbaRoll® flooring solution.

The Rubber Company offer a wide range of gym flooring solutions to suit a variety applications and environments. We can supply and manufacture various mat and tile sizes as well as thicknesses. This ensures that you get the perfect product to match your requirements.

If you are unsure about what product is most suitable for your needs please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.

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