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What Are Fenders?

Rubber fenders are manufactured from a variety of different compounds and come in a range of shapes and sizes depending on the application. Users typically attach them to the side of their property or an object to protect against potential damage from impacts. There are many different methods to install fenders and it usually depends on the size and shape of the fender.

Although many fenders come in different shapes and sizes the most common type of fender which people would immediately recognise are the “D” type fenders. This type of fender features heavily in marine applications, particularly on the side of boats. The point of this post is to identify the potential applications which can benefit from the use of fenders.

Marine Applications

Anyone who owns a boat will tell you it is not a cheap lifestyle and sea vessels, much like houses are an investment. As the currents can often be unpredictable it is crucial that owners take every step possible to protect their boat and the contents from damage. Fenders provide a protective barrier to give you a larger margin of error when coming into contact with rocks, walls as well as other boats. A key feature of fenders are it’s ability to compress under pressure which enable it to absorb heavy impacts and transfer the kinetic energy away from the boat.

Larger sea vessels like cargo ships for example require larger size fenders to accommodate the size and weight of the ship. These sort of ships benefit from large cylindrical fenders which are available in sizes up to 2700mm diameter. We normally suggest installing these fenders using the suspended installation method. This enables the fender to move around freely as it comes into contact with another object, providing protection to the areas which need it most.

For smaller and private sea vessels TPE rubber fenders have become increasingly popular over recent years. This is due to the unique properties that TPE offers. TPE fenders offer most, if not all of the same protective qualities as other rubber fenders but also features non marking properties. This is a particularly useful quality for use on sea vessels as many boats are white and so show marks easily. It is important to note that coloured variants of other rubber compounds are also non marking but are typically only available as a special order.

Industrial Applications

With thousands of lorries and heavy goods vehicles coming in and out of warehouses on a daily basis it is highly probable that every now and then accidents will occur. Fenders once again provide a protective barrier to protect the property as well as the contents from damage. The wide range of shapes and sizes of fenders available ensure that you have a product which is suitable for your unique requirements.

Smaller fenders are ideal for applications which require space sensitive protection. These fenders are typically wider in design which still grants them a large surface area to absorb heavy impacts. We are also able to produce fenders with welded corners which enables it easily cover 90 degree angles. This is particularly important for applications which require complete, seamless protection.

For customers who request it we can also pre cut and drill fenders to provide a fast, simple installation solution with a clean finish. This is great for permanent installations and enables the fender to be in constant use without moving or coming loose. Many of the fenders we offer are resistant to a wide range of chemicals which means that maintenance is easy.

The Rubber Company offer a wide range of fender products in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit any application. As well as the products we offer as standard we are happy to produce custom fenders to ensure you get the perfect product to match your unique requirements.

If you are unsure about which shape, size or material compound is most suitable for your needs please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.

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