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Mats play an important role in many commercial, industrial as well as private applications. However, the vast and diverse selection of matting products available can confuse some people. It is not enough to purchase and install any mats as they all provide different benefits. This post is going to explore the most common applications which use mats and go through the different options available.

Why Is It Important?

As there are many different applications which require mats there are many different types of matting available. However, in order to ensure the matting functions it’s full potential it is important to select the right type of matting. For example, swimming pools and changing rooms require non slip and hygienic properties. While manufacturing lines require anti fatigue properties. Using the wrong mats can, in some applications be worse than using no mats at all.

Entrance & Reception


Entrance mats create a barrier between your premises and all of the dirt and germs from the outside world. It is important that entrance mats are hard wearing as these mats will see high foot traffic at all times of the day. You also want these mats to be able to remove and contain dirt from shoes to prevent it being spread throughout the home, shop or office.

Entrance mats also provide a unique opportunity to present your brand or message to anyone walking past or entering your premises. They create a great first impression and are an easy way to extend your branding.

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Corridors, particularly ones by cafeterias or vending machines are often exposed to spillages from both food and liquids. This makes it important to use mats which are resistant to water damage. You may also want these mats to be easy to install and remove so that they can be cleaned easily.

Another key aspect of walkway mats which people don’t consider is the edges of the mats. However thin the mats may be they can still pose a potential threat to people walking and wheels in particular. Sloped edges reduce these potential tipping hazards.

Manufacturing lines

Often on manufacturing lines employees are required to stand on their feet for large portions of the day. This can put additional stress on the heart as well as putting strain on the joints. Anti fatigue mats are a cost effect solution to eliminate all of these problems. This will keep staff happier, while also improving concentration.

Anti fatigue mats designed to compress slightly underfoot. The subtle flexibility of the anti fatigue mat encourages the users to adjust their feet and legs which enables the muscles to contract and expand.

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Bars & Kitchens

Kitchens and bars in particular are often exposed to spillages. Standard flooring is not designed to be able to deal with these spillages which leads to the surface becoming very slippery. Anti slip mats serve two main purposes. First of all the top surface provides superior gripping even when wet. Secondly the matting needs to be able to drain the water away from the mats or to stand above the water.

Bar and kitchen mats come in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on the application. They are also available as either single mats or rolls.

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Swimming Pools & Changing Rooms

Swimming pool and changing room mats require the same anti slip properties as catering mats but with superior comfort underfoot. As people tend to walk through these areas barefoot it is important to have matting which is soft. Reducing the spread of bacteria is also important in these applications so matting which is easy to clean is also essential. Our customers tend to prefer a matting solution which can be easily rolled up or taken apart when not in use. This also makes it easier to clean the surface beneath the mats.

As the name suggests, these mats are perfect for use around swimming pools and in changing rooms.

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