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RubbaGrass Snow Mats

Rubba-Grass-Snow-MatsRubbaGrass Anti Slip Snow Mats

As the majority of the country is finally returning to normal after the adverse weather conditions that the beast from the east brought us, it is important to plan ahead for the potential of similar weather in the future. Many areas of the country came to a standstill, with people being told to stay in their homes. We are simply not equipped to deal with snow and icy conditions on a regular basis. There is a solution however, our RubbaGrass mats provide a anti slip walking surface for use in both private and commercial applications.

Safety Is Key

RubbaGrass mats are lightweight as well as easy to install and remove as you need. This allows you to deploy the mats to the areas which need them most. You can greatly reduce potential falling hazards in entrances and walkways with the use of a few of our mats. Even if the snow is able to completely cover the mats, the superior gripping the mats offer provides a much safer walking surface for all footwear types.

As the snow collects in the individual holes of the mat it also prevents the snow from compacting under pressure. This significantly reduces the chance of the snow turning to ice as it not able to form a single, tightly packed surface.

The Perfect Material For The Job

The natural rubber material we use to produce our RubbaGrass mats has a wide functioning temperature range from -20°C to 70°C. The mats minimum temperature is more than enough to handle even the coldest winters all around the country. Rubber also provides superior traction compared to concrete and tarmac. This coupled with the unique design of our mats ensure that you get a safe walking surface in all conditions.


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