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Wet Pour & Rubber Much Soft Surfacing Installation

Recent Soft Surfacing jobs

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Wet Pour

Above is a before and after of a soft surfacing wet pour installation we recently completed for Beacon Fell Holiday Home. They wanted to renovate their swimming pool area as the old flooring have become worn and dated. Wet pour creates a seamless, anti-slip surface and the attractive colours can bring life to any area.

As you can see from the image on the right, our rubber pour soft surfacing needed to provide access to vents and filters. Standard ceramic tiles would require a long process of measuring cutting to ensure the vents are not covered. This is a simple task due to the easy installation options that wet pour provides.

Unbeatable Safety

A key advantage that our wet pour soft surfacing product offers is it’s excellent non slip properties in both wet and dry environments. Also when you take into consideration the superior fall protection wet pour offers over standard tiles it seems like an easy choice.

We receive many enquiries for rubbapour on a daily basis as more and more companies are realising the potential that wet pour offers.

Rubber Mulch

Rubber Mulch Installation


Rubber mulch is another popular soft surfacing option we offer. The rubber pieces are manufactured from 100% recycled tyre rubber. They are then processed and refined in order to provide consistent piece sizes as well as attractive colours. Much like wet pour, rubber mulch provides a soft and waterproof surface.

This installation was for the self storage company Shurgard located in Greenwich London. They wanted to create a safe walking entrance to protect both people and objects from potential damage. Rubber mulch is incredibly easy to install and once dry creates a single, seamless surface.

You can find out more about these soft surfacing options by vising the safety surfacing section of our website here.

We are always happy to quote on potential projects. All we request is a bit of information about what you are trying to achieve; area size, depth, does it require a critical fall height, colours, designs and does the site have easy access.

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