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Marine Use Flame Retardant Underlay

flame retardant underlay

Flame Retardant Underlay | Super Yachts

Our cloud 9 flame retardant underlay is a high quality product which is been specifically designed for use in marine applications. This product features a modified PU foam core in between two corona treated polymer film sheets. This ensures that our flame retardant underlay conforms to the European Marine Equipment Directive (MED) 2014/90/EU. The excellent fire, smoke and toxicity resistance that this product offers make it perfect for use in sea vessels as well as offshore installations. It is also suitable for onshore contract installations, where flame retardant properties are required.

Easy to Install

Cloud 9 flame retardant underlay is suitable for both conventional stretch-fit as well as double stick installations. This gives you greater control over the type of finish you want to achieve with the underlay. It also enables the underlay to be installed under a wider range of surfaces.

Excellent Safety and Comfort

The key feature of the flame retardant underlay is the superior fire and heat protection it offers. However, our underlay is also incredibly comfortable. The superior cushioning that the flame retardant underlay offers can make even the thinnest of carpets feel luxurious.

Aside from offering superior comfort the flame retardant underlay also offers excellent insulation properties. Offering thermal resistance of up to 1.7 TOG this underlay can help keep the elements out. The underlay also offers good sound insulation properties. If installed correctly, our flame retardant underlay can reduce noise up to 38 db. On larger sea vessels which feature multiple floors, such as super yachts the additional sound reduction can greatly reduce the sound of footsteps. On smaller sea vessels the underlay can reduce engine noise. This makes for a more comfortable, more enjoyable experience overall.

The Choice is Yours

We offer the cloud 9 flame retardant underlay in a choice of 3 thicknesses; 4mm, 6mm and 8mm. All options offer excellent fire resistant properties, however the thicker options offer superior sound and thermal insulation.

If you are unsure which thickness is best suited to your unique requirements, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.

You can find out more about our flame retardant underlay here.

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