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Extruded Custom Rubber Profiles

custom rubber profiles

Bespoke Custom Rubber Profiles

Aside from offering a wide range of standard rubber profiles, The Rubber Company can also produce custom rubber profiles. With over 75 years worth of experience, our team will help you throughout the whole process. This ensures that you get the best materials, size and quantity possible to suit your unique requirements.

We regularly supply custom rubber profiles to customers all around the world, sticking to strict delivery schedules and project deadlines. Simply explain to us what you require, along with any technical information you have access to. This significantly speeds up the design process and ensures that you get the best possible compound and properties to suit your application or environment.

Case Study: Super Yacht

We were recently asked to provide custom window seal profiles for a super yacht. As with many of our standard window seals, the main aspect of the profile is to ensure a water and airtight seal at all times. It was also essential that this particular window seal was resistant to salt water damage, as this could reduce the life expectancy of the seal. After a discussion with our client we suggested that silicone would provide all of the qualities the needed as well as offering excellent durability.

Once the most suitable compound was selected we began work on the design of the seal. This customer already had a rough idea of the dimensions and was also able to supply us with a drawing of the basic shape they were after. Once the design of the profile was complete we produced a small sample for the customer to test. This is common practice, particularly with custom profiles as it ensures the size and sealing is correct before larger quantities are created.

The Rubber Company can produce custom rubber profiles to suit any application and environment. We can produce custom; cords, tubing, door seals, window seals, hatch seals, marine fenders, garage door seals, inflatable seals, gaskets, strips and many many more.

Don’t hesitate to get in contact with us. We are always happy to look at new projects and offer help wherever possible.

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