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TPE Brick Grab Profiles

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TPE brick grab profiles

Here at The Rubber Company we are always looking to expand our range of products. We have recently seen a surge of interest in TPE brick grab profiles from a variety of our customers. Through customer feedback we have been able to develop a range of grab profiles which match your requirements. We also believe that our material selection offers far superior durability and versatility over the competition. In this post we are going to examine a recent project we completed for a customer who had unique requirements.

Transport Goods Safely

The main purpose of our TPE brick grab profiles is to transport bricks as well as other delicate materials safety. The loading grab jaws that our customers use can apply too much pressure to the materials, which results in damages. Rubber grab profiles were introduced in order to form a barrier between the metal loading jaws and the transporting material. This requires a product that offers consistent levels of grip, which is also able to compress slightly under pressure.

Using rubber brick grabs you get a material which can offer the best of both worlds. The materials we use are firm to the touch but will also compress while in use. These rates of compression enable our TPE brick grab profiles to maintain constant contact with the transporting material. This results in superior safety not only for everyone on site, but it also ensures that the materials remain undamaged.

We offer a wide range of the most popular brick grab profiles to suit almost all applications. However, we can also produce bespoke profiles to your exact requirements.

Non Marking Construction

We recently received an enquiry from a customer who wanted to use loading grab jaws to transport delicate materials. They had already been using rubber grab products, however the rubber compound left marks and smears on the transporting materials. Taking all of their requirements on board we were able to offer a selection of solutions to solve their problem. Rubber TPE offers many of the same useful properties found in Natural Rubber in a more convenient package. A key feature which sets Rubber TPE apart from similar compounds is that the material is non marking. This enables us to create a product which offers similar gripping properties without any of the drawbacks.

We were able to use our wealth of knowledge to suggest the best solution to our customer. It is our aim to try to ensure that our customers always get the best product possible to suit their needs. Don’t hesitate to get in contact with us, if you are unsure as to what you require.

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