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A weighbridge is essentially a heavy duty and large format set of scales. Companies use them to determine the weight of the stock as well as the total weight of the vehicle. This enables the company to ensure that stock transportation is both safe and efficient. However, after a period of use dirt and debris can build up and clog the internals of the weighbridge. This can directly effect not only the accuracy of readings but can also decrease the life expectancy of the weighbridge. Our weighbridge rubber products provide a simple and cost efficient solution to eliminate both of these problems.

Discreet Design

The distinctive “T” shape of our weighbridge rubber products provide a crucial function. It enables our product to easily fit into the small gaps of the weighbridge and act as a seal to prevent the build up of dirt and debris. The “T” shape also ensures that the majority of our product is submerged beneath the surface of the machine. This allows your vehicles to easily drive over the product without causing damage.

Non Marking & Colourful Range

With the popularity of our weighbridge rubber products we have decided to expand the range to include bright, colourful and non marking options. We believe that our bright colour options will be popular with any customers who operate throughout the night. The bright colours are clearly visible by lorry headlights which enables them to greatly reduce the time it takes to line the vehicle up. This can not only increase safety but also greatly increase productivity as well.

We have a selection of our most popular T profiles available to purchase from our online shop.Click here to view our standard T section profiles.

If you haven’t found what you are looking for, you can view our full range of T profiles as well as our new colourful, non marking profiles here.

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