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Wide Selection Of Rubber Sheeting Products

Here at The Rubber Company, we believe in offering the best product to suit the application. We feel that this is particularly crucial in sensitive environments which require a product to offer specific features. In order to achieve this we provide a wide variety of rubber sheeting products in a selection of compounds, thicknesses and grades to suit your exact requirements. Many of our sheeting products are available from stock or with fast production times to fit around your schedule.

In this post we are going to explore some of the different sheeting products we currently offer. This includes the most popular sheeting compounds as well as application specific grades. We hope that this will ensure that you select the right product for your application. However, if you are unsure which product best suits your requirements you can always contact us directly.

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The Right Compound For The Job

There are many different rubber compounds available, with each offering slightly different properties and features. In order to get the most out of your rubber sheeting it is important to first consider the application and environment you will be using it in. Some of the most popular sheeting compounds we offer are, EPDM, Latex, Neoprene, Nitrile and Silicone. Certain compounds tend to lend themselves towards specific applications and environments. For example, Silicone is typically more expensive than other rubber compounds. However, this material offers a wide functioning temperature range and can also be produced in food contact grades. This means that for slightly more money you are getting a product which exactly matches your requirements.

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Specific Grades To Suit You

As well as a wide selection of compounds, we can also offer a variety of grades to suit almost any application. Here are some of grades we regularly get requests for.

General Purpose
This grade is perfect for a range of general use applications, such as packing rubber, dust seals and protection pads. Essentially you can use this grade in any application where the sheeting wont be under much duress.

Economy Grade
Our economy grade rubber sheeting provides a cost efficient solution to customers who only require a light use product. It is available in many of the same sizes and compounds as the higher quality grades at a fraction of the cost.

Food Grade
As the name suggests, our food grade sheeting is manufactured specifically for food contact applications. We design them to meet a wide range of food safety specifications. This ensures that our sheeting is free from contaminants to deliver a cleaner as well as safer product.

Heat Resistant
Our heat resistance rubber sheeting is ideal for use in applications which require high temperature resistance. This ensures that the sheeting is able to maintain it’s useful properties across a wide temperature range without deterioration.

Flame Retardant
Many rubber compounds will eventually burn and melt after a long period of exposure to fire. However, we manufacture our flame retardant sheeting to provide fire dampening properties. This enables you to have more control over the speed and spread of the flames. They also produce much less harmful chemicals when burned.

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Click here to view some of our most popular rubber sheeting products, which are available for quick and simple order.

Alternatively you can click here to view our full range of sheeting compounds and grades.

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