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Watertight Rubber Hatch Seals

rubber hatch seals
Hatch seals perform a vital role in a wide variety of marine applications. The hatch seal ensures that no liquid or gas is able to enter the vessel through doors, skylights as well as ullage plugs to name a few. After a period of use the seal can deteriorate and become worn which, in turn reduces the potential sealing properties. Likewise, an incorrect fitting seal will also become more prone to leakages. At The Rubber Company we offer a wide selection of rubber hatch seals available in sizes to suit any size vessel. We also only manufacture using the highest quality materials possible, in order to ensure you get a product with offers a superior life expectancy and excellent sealing properties. The purpose of this post is to analyse what makes our RubbaHatch seals different from the competition.

Durable Construction

Rubber hatch seals

We manufacture our rubber hatch seals using a two part system. This provides the sealing properties of a sponge with the durability of solid rubber.

Solid Rubber Outer

The solid outer section of our rubber hatch seals ensures that the seal is able to maintain it’s shape even after a long period of use. It also provides excellent temperature and chemical resistance for vessels in demanding environments. In order to make installation as easy as possible, the underside features a textured finish. This provides a larger surface area for the adhesive, which enables our seal to maintain a strong bond at all times.

Cellular Sponge Core

As our rubber hatch seals need to prevent the permeation of liquid it is crucial that we use a closed cell sponge. This ensures that no liquid or gas is able to pass through the sponge, which results in higher sealing properties. The sponge core is also highly flexible and offers excellent compression rates. This enables our seal to maintain constant contact to the door or window while in use.

We offer a wide selection of rubber hatch seals available to order from stock.Click here to view our marine hatch seal category.

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