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Frequently Asked Questions: Matting, Flooring & Decking


What is Grass Matting?


RubbaGrass® is a grass mat that works as a cost effective safety surface. This matting is environmentally friendly as the product is made from 100 % recycled rubber. It has excellent anti slip properties and has an excellent safety rating increasing the critical fall rating of the area. When in place maintains a natural appearance of the area. It is suitable for parks, schools, forest parks, golf courses, where the natural appearance of the environment is essential.  RubbaGrass® Matting is simply placed over the area of grass. There are no costly ground works needed, relatively little skill to install correctly. This rubber matting will allow the grass to grow up through it and the allow the rain water to pass through.


What is Wetpour?


Wet pour is a rubber safety surfacing. Made of two layers. Firstly, a larger grade of recycled rubber is used as a base layer, followed by a high quality,finer, purer layer is used for the top layer. These layers are prepared at your site. The granules are mixed with a binder. This combination forms a treacle like substance that will set in approximately 12 hours (temperature dependent). The main advantages of wet pour are its amazing flexibility of design and colour. It is seamless in appearance,giving an area smoothness with no joints.

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