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Permanent or Semi Permanent Solutions

Whether you require a car park large or small for a few weeks or years we can provide a solution for you.

Ranging from a wide range of Extruded and Moulded Thermoplastic Paving Grids to roll out Mesh we have a specifically engineered product that will stabilise the ground and provide durable ground protection.

All our paving grids are designed to improve water drainage and soil erosion, 100% recycled thermoplastic they are more environmentally friendly than asphalt or other types of concrete paving.



It is often a problem with increased traffic at various times during term time extra parking is needed.

Our grasshield® is the ideal solution to provide  stabilisation and reinforcement , perfect for pedestrian and light vehicle use. Quick and easy to install.


A major problem for many large outdoor events, such as festival, concert, fete, exhibition, private party, and weddings is suitable car parking.

Heavy vehicles can cause extreme damage to terrain together with unpredictable weather can cause dangerous and non driveable conditions.

We have many solutions for these events sheets, mats, rolls, grids of 100% recycled thermoplastic products.

Grass Ground Reinforcement

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