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Barrier Shield

Our Polymeric Barrier comes in two weights:

5kg Mean Sound Reduction Index:22dB and

10kg Mean Sound Reduction Index:28dB.

It is a polymer based free from lead, unrefined aromatic oils and bitumen. Flexible, easy to handle and install with good resistance to heat and cold. Excellent ageing and rot proof.

Applications: this product is used in construction, marine, automotive, HVAC. It is used as a high mass layer within our range of acoustic foams to make a composite. Also for a range of facings and self adhesive backings. And In buildings used in walls with low density partition walls, in ceilings and floors.


Type High Mass Polymer
Colour Graphite
Density ~2,000kg/m³
Hardness 80-85
Tensile Strength 5.72²
Elongation at break ~100%
Fire Performance FMVSS 302 : Pass
Tear Resistance (ISO 34-1) >0.6 kN/m
Maximum application temperature +100°C
Continuous application temperature +65°C

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