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Braided Silicone Hoses

Highly Durable | Braided Silicone Hoses

Our range of reinforced, braided silicone hoses offer excellent durability and flexibility in a wide variety of applications. We can offer both platinum and peroxide cured hoses to match your specific needs. This particular product is available with an inner diameter from 3mm – 38mm and is also available in 1, 5 or 10 metre lengths.

The key feature that sets our braided silicone hoes apart from the competition is the unique braid pattern. An inner wire helix runs throughout the length of hose. This enables the product to bend to a variety of angles without fear of kinking or disrupting the airflow.

Platinum Cured

Our platinum cured, braided silicone hoses are the ideal product for use in highly demanding applications. This product is transparent in design, non-toxic and also features no peroxide by-products.

Peroxide Cured

The peroxide cured option is typically cheaper than the platinum cured alternative. However, it still offers many of the same performance characteristics which makes it perfect for use in industrial applications.

Our full range of braided silicone hoses are fully BGVV, FDA, USP Class VI as well as WRAS compliant.

Key Features

  • Highly durable
  • Highly versatile
  • Safe for food and beverage contact applications
  • Does not leave any odour or taste
  • Small bending radius
  • Wide functioning temperature range
  • Resistant to many chemicals
  • Ageing, weathering, ozone and UV-resistant

High Quality Materials

We manufacture our braided silicone hoses from high quality silicone, due to the high durability that the material offers. Silicone offers excellent tensile strength and tear resistant properties. This ensures that our product is able to be in constant use without fear of deterioration. Silicone is also resistant to a wide variety of chemicals. This makes it highly versatile and enables you to use in a variety of applications with little to no maintenance.

Potential Applications

  • Medical and pharmaceutical industries
  • Dairy hoses
  • Automotive industries
  • Construction
  • Food and beverage applications
  • Resin transfer
  • Plant equipment

The Rubber Company can supply a wide variety of silicone hoses to suit almost all applications and environments. Our friendly team are always on hand to help you select the perfect product to match your unique specifications.

If you haven’t found what you are looking for, you can view our full range of silicone hose products here.

Braided Hose Sizes


Application Medical and pharmaceutical industries, Dairy hoses, Automotive industries, Construction, Food and beverage applications
Product Braided Hose
Material Silicone
Hardness (Shore A) 70⁰
Maximum Temperature 170°C
Minimum Temperature -50°C
Tear Strength 18 kn
Tensile Strength 8.5 MPS
Elongation at Break 280%
Colour Translucent, Blue, Red

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