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Brand Outdoor

Brand Outdoor – Personalise Any Outdoor Area

Our brand outdoor matting solution is simple, yet effective way to extend your branding outside of your work space or property. It enables you to give potential customers a taste of your company before they even step foot on the premises.

Typically, outdoor mats serve a much needed purpose. They prevent mud and debris from getting into your property as well as reducing potential tripping hazards. However, they all come in green in brown. Until now! Brand outdoor offers all of the benefits of standard outdoor mats with the visual appeal of our printed mats.

In this highly competitive climate it is crucial to reach out to potential customers as soon as possible. Using our brand outdoor matting you can display a logo or slogan to entice potential customers and clients. Some of the most popular uses for our brand outdoor mats are; shops, offices, hotels, recreational facilities and many more. Any size company can benefit from the additional brand awareness that our matting offers.

Nylon Top Half – Nitrile Rubber Underside

We manufacture the top section of this matting from 100% high quality twist nylon. Nylon gives us a wider selection of colours to use, and also enables us to put greater detail into the designs on the mat. This ensures that your branding is easily recognisable and easy to read. Nylon is also relatively low maintenance and easy to clean.

We manufacture the underside of this particular brand mat from a high quality nitrile rubber material due to the unique properties the material offers. Nitrile rubber offers superior resistance to oils and acids compared to other rubbers. This ensures that our mats are manufactured to last. Nitrile is less flexible than other rubber compounds. However, it offers increased strength and durability as a result. This makes it the perfect material to use in matting.

Key Features:

  • Specifically Developed For Outdoor Use
  • UV light resistant
  • Easily increase branding
  • Reduce dust and debris spread
  • Highly durable
  • High quality materials
  • Wide selection of colours to pick from
  • Reduce potential slipping hazards

A Wide Selection Of Colours To Pick From

We offer a wide selection of 44 colours for use in our brand mat to ensure you get a design which is as close to your logo as possible.

Outdoor Colour Chart

The Rubber Company offers a wide selection of matting to match a variety of environments and applications. You can view our full matting range here.

Please contact us for details on any colours and materials which are not available here. We always do our best to ensure you get the perfect product to match your specific needs.

Brand Outdoor Information


Material Nitrile base, Nylon surface
Application Custom Grass Effect Mat, Functional Floor Mat, Coarse Scraping Action For Passing Shoes
Product Outdoor Brand Matting
Resistance to Heavy Duty Shoes, Thick Mud, Dirt, Dust, Derbis, Various Liquids
Colour 44 Colours to pick from

Technical Data

Specifications Compound Values
Mat Sizes 75cm x 50cm
75cm x 100cm
75cm x 150cm
60cm x 180cm

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