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Container Door Seals

Highly Durable | Container Door Seals

The Rubber Company can supply a wide range of container door seals. These seals are designed to provide excellent sealing properties in a variety of environments. We can supply a diverse range of shapes and sizes to suit almost all container types.

After many years of use the seals which run along the container doors can become damaged and come off of the door completely. Our range of container door seals enable you to put old containers back in to use. The high quality EPDM we use also provides superior sealing properties compared to standard seals. This makes them great value for money as they will need replacing less often.

The high quality EPDM compound we use in our container door seals offers superior properties across a range of conditions. They function particularly well in extreme cold temperatures and offer good resistance to weathering and ozone damage.

Key Features

  • Highly durable seal
  • Excellent weathering and ozone resistance
  • Wide functioning temperature range
  • Easy to install
  • Superior life expectancy

High Quality Material

We manufacture our container door seals from a high quality EPDM compound due to the unique features the material offers. A key feature of solid EPDM is the materials excellent durability. Our seals are able to remain in constant use without fear of warping or deterioration due to the excellent “shape memory” that EPDM offers. This ensures that our seals need replacing less often, which not only saves you money but also ensures that your containers can remain in use for longer.

Another factor which sets our EPDM seals apart from the competition is the materials wide functioning temperature range. PVC container door seals can become brittle in sub zero temperatures which can significantly reduce the effectiveness of the seal. Our seals can withstand temperatures as low as -45°C, which enables you to use them in almost any environment.

Potential Applications

  • Dry Cargo Containers 20′ and 40′ (general purpose)
  • 40´ High Cube Dry Cargo Containers
  • 20′ and 40′ Refrigerated Containers
  • 40´ High Cube Reefer Container

The Rubber Company sell a diverse range of sealing products, which can be used in a variety of applications. We regularly deliver to customers all around the world, adhering to strict delivery schedules and project deadlines. Don’t hesitate to get in contact with us if you are unsure which profile best suits your unique requirements.

If you haven’t found what you are looking for, you can view our full range of rubber extrusion products here.

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