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Crossfit Rubber Tiles

Crossfit Rubber Tiles | Gym Matting

Our crossfit rubber tiles are a high quality, UK manufactured flooring solution. They are highly durable and offer good impact protection, which makes them perfect for use in a variety of gym applications. These tiles are environmentally friendly, made from recycled truck tyres. We can also dye the mats to produce a terracotta red or green colours.

Despite being called “crossfit rubber tiles”, this product is also ideal for use in free weight areas. The superior impact protection that our tiles offer enable them to absorb even the heaviest of weights. This helps to preserve the quality of weight and equipment and also protects the floor underneath from serious damage.

Aside from protecting against impacts, our crossfit rubber tiles also provide good sound absorption properties. The additional insulation greatly reduces the sound of people working out and dropped weights alike. This feature is key for gyms in built up areas such as flats or office buildings.

The natural anti-slip properties that rubber offers enable you to use our crossfit rubber tiles underneath fitness machines. During periods of use, the motion of the weights can cause the machines to move. Our rubber tiles hold the equipment in place for longer and offer good gripping properties in both wet and dry conditions.

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Key Features

  • Shock absorbing impact protection from heavy weights
  • Absorbs sound and reduces noise
  • Highly durable recycled rubber
  • Flexible and easy to install 
  • No bonding or adhesive required
  • Easy to cut when fitting
  • Ramp edges and corner tile available 

Made to Your Requirements

We commonly supply our crossfit rubber tiles in two different thicknesses of 20mm and 50mm. However, we can manufacture in any thickness up to 100mm to match your unique requirements.

A 20mm tile weights around 15kg, while the 50mm tile is 34kg. The weight of the tiles means that they will remain in place under their own weight. This means that you do not need to bond the tiles to the surface using adhesive, which enables you to move the tiles around as you see fit.

We can also manufacture our crossfit rubber tiles with ramped edges and corner pieces (minimum thickness of 30mm). This greatly reduces any potential tripping hazards and also enables you to wheel trolleys or other small wheeled vehicles over the tiles. As well as commercial use, our rubber tiles are the perfect solution for home gyms, garages and other domestic applications.

The Rubber Company manufacture and supply a diverse range of gym flooring products to suit any environment and application. Don’t hesitate to get in contact with us, if you are unsure which product is best suited to your unique needs.

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Material SBR
Size 1 metre x 1 metre
Thickness 20mm to 50mm (Can manufacture up to 100mm)
Colour Black, Terracotta Red, Green

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