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Fixture Protection Profiles

High Quality Fixture Protection

The Rubber Company can supply a wide selection of high quality fixture protection profiles. They are incredibly easy to install and offer excellent protection to both your staff and customers alike. We can produce these profiles in a variety of lengths and colours in order to suit your unique requirements.

We only manufacture our fixing protection range from the highest quality materials possible. This ensures that you get a protection which is able to withstand frequent impacts and is also built to last. Once the track is securely screwed in place it is simply a case of snapping the body over the track. This makes our products fast and simple to install and remove as you require them.

Profile Options

30mm Range

With three hardness options available, our 30mm fixture protection profiles are the perfect product to protect against any of the bumps and scuffs that occur daily. The flexible options are perfect for installing around corners or curves, while the rigid option provides superior protection against a wide range of impacts.

The small size of these profiles make them ideal for discreet protection. This makes them highly desirable for use on the sales floor, particularly around checkouts.

40mm Range

The slightly larger profile of our 40mm range makes them able to absorb a wider variety of impacts without warping or deteriorating. The dual hardness option features a rigid strip running throughout the length of the profile. This helps to avoid stretching while fitting and also shrinking once finished. This ensures that our product provides consistent levels of protection while in use.

50mm Range

Our range of 50mm fixture protection profiles offer excellent versatility. They are the perfect product to protect both walls and fixtures from the damage of daily use. The high quality material enables them to absorb a wide range of impacts without warping or deteriorating. This ensures that they provide a longer life expectancy which also means that they offer great value for money.

 52mm Range

The 52mm profiles give you the option of either a 42mm radius corner or a 90° corner. This ensures that you get the tightest fit possible, which greatly reduces small gaps and prevents dust and debris from collecting. You also have the option of either a rigid PVC or Aluminium installation track. This gives you complete control over the look and feel of your fixture protection profile.

75mm Range

Our 75mm profiles offers excellent flexibility in an affordable package. The bumper is designed to fit over a 64mm x 1.2mm aluminium fixing plate. This provides a quick and simple installation solution and also provides great protection.

80mm Range

The 80mm fixture protection profile provides you with large scale protection. The highly durable nature of this product enables it to easily protect against any knocks and bumps from daily use within your store. The body quickly and easily snaps over the retaining strip which enables you to install and remove the product without the need for specialist tools.

Floor Seals

Our range of floor seals provide a safe, attractive option to finish your fixtures. They are designed to cover the unwanted space between the bottom of the fixtures and the floor. This greatly reduces any potential tripping hazards and prevents dirt and debris from collecting under the fixtures.

Our range of floor seal profiles are ready to fit over a wide variety of retainers. This ensures that you can select the correct size profile and install simply without needing to cut on attach additional retainers.

Key Features

  • Highly durable
  • Excellent impact protector
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to install
  • Wide range of sizes available
  • Attractive range of colours available

High Quality Materials

We manufacture our fixture protection profiles from a highly durable PVC material due to the unique properties the material offers. PVC is very easy to work with which enables us to produce the material in both rigid and flexible formats. The material also features good strength and durability properties. This enables it to easily absorb impacts without warping or deteriorating. PVC is chemically resistant to a wide variety of acids, salts, bases, fats, as well as alcohols. This greatly reduces the maintenance needed on our products and makes cleaning quick and easy.

The Rubber Company supply a wide range of fixture protection profiles to both independent and chain shops around the world. If you are unsure which particular product is best suited to your unique requirements, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.

If you haven’t found what you are looking for, you can view our full range of shop fitting products here.

Fixture Protecton Products


Material PVC, Aluminium, Polypropelene
Application Fixture protection, Walls, Check-outs, Stock room
Product PVC fixture protection profiles
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Colours Black, Grey, Putty, Red, Blue (cobalt), Blue (trafalgar), Green, Multigrain, Silver

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