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The Rubber Company manufacture our Hatch Packing from three different rubber compounds and a range of different sized profiles. Our watertight hatch seals for cargo covers and access doors are used on many vessels including: Naval Ships, Cruise Ships, Ferry Lines and Oil, Gas & Chemical Tankers. Hatch packing is used for watertight doors, skylights, ullage plugs and other comparable marine applications.

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Our RubbaHatch® combination seal is our most popular rubber hatch seal supplying marine clients worldwide.

A fabricated or moulded seal constructed from a closed cell sponge sealing material with a thin outer skin of solid rubber to provide added strength and durability.

The cellular sponge core is purpose made for RubbaHatch® with excellent flexibility and compression properties, allowing for general duty and water tight installation in marine hatch and door flanges. Supplied with chamfered edges to assist with installation.


  • A1: Solid Rubber Skin – 3 Sides at 3mm thick
  • A2: Cellular Sponge Core

Material Selection

The Rubber Company can offer three different types of rubber for the sealing face dependant on the customers specification and application:

Natural Rubber for general purpose use.
Neoprene Rubber for higher temperature and ozone resistance.
Nitrile Rubber for gas and oil resistance.


Our RubbaHatch-S® is a solid rubber extruded seal, as with our composite hatch packing, we can supply with chamfered corners to assist installation and cater for troublesome welds at the base of the fabricated recess. A hollow section improves the seal’s compressibility and its response to clamping pressure.


Traditional high density sponge used for hatch sealing.

  •  Produced in a wide range of sizes
  • Quick turn around times
  • Corner & end pieces can also be supplied

Included in the range of seals we supply is PORTHOLE RUBBER – a semi compressible, 45° shore rubber used for sealing brass port lights and vents. Please contact us for a quotation.

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Material Natural, Neoprene, EPDM & Nitrile Rubber
Sizes From 20mm x 20mm up to 150mm x 150mm

Technical Data

Standard Sizes
38mm x 25mm 40mm x 20mm 35mm x 20mm 35mm x 25mm
30mm x 20mm 38mm x 38mm 50mm x 30mm 38mm x 30mm
30mm x 25mm 50mm x 25mm 57mm x 32mm 60mm x 40mm
70mm x 32mm 70mm x 40mm

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