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Grass Mats

Item Code: RC04101

Interlocking Rubber Grass Mats

Interlocking Rubber Grass Mats

The Rubber Company supply highly durable rubber grass mats. This specially designed matting provides excellent fall protection and non slip properties. These key features make this particular matting the ideal choice for use in children’s play areas, pathways and steep slopes.

We manufacture our rubber grass mats from recycled rubber, which is then refined to create a high quality material. This sustainable manufacturing process has less impact on the environment and produces a product which offers excellent properties and has the look and feel of a premium product.

Our rubber grass mats is a highly popular outdoor safety surfacing product. It is far softer and offers superior ground protection compared to the alternative option of PVC matting which hardens in cold conditions.

Key Features

  • Absorbs shock and noise
  • Critical fall height of 3 metres, tested by RAPRA
  • Tested to BS EN 1177: 2008 3 metre critical fall height
  • Moulded anti-slip cellular structure has excellent durability and comfort
  • Allows for a firm bond to the ground, hiding the matting through grass
  • High ground drainage and erosion protection in areas of frequent foot traffic
  • No costly base works
  • Requires no special tools
  • Can be used on flat or sloped landscapes
  • Easy maintenance, grass can be cut as usual
  • Suitable for all weather of extreme temperatures and resists wind uplift

High Quality Material

We manufacture our rubber grass mats from a recycled Natural Rubber material, this is due to the highly durable properties that this material offers. Natural Rubber features a wide functioning temperature range from -20°C to 70°C. This ensures that our mats are able to withstand both the hottest summers and the coldest winters with ease. Natural Rubber also features high strength properties. This enables our mats to absorb frequent, heavy impacts without warping or deteriorating. Our rubber grass mats feature a shore A hardness value of 60° which means that it is a relatively firm material. This allows the mats to protect the grass and soil beneath them. However, the mats will also compress under pressure which enables them to cushion against potential falls.

Potential Applications

The highly desirable features that our rubber grass mats offer make them the perfect solution in a wide variety of applications and environments.

Common uses include:

  • Children’s play areas/ playgrounds
  • To surround multi-function play frames
  • Under Swings
  • Fitness/Fun trails
  • Pathways and gate entrances
  • Steep slopes
  • Dry ski slopes
  • Outdoor gyms

The Rubber Company manufacture and supply a wide variety of grass and ground protection mats to suit any application. Click here to view our full range of rubber grass matting products.



Application Equine & Agriculture, General Purpose, Leisure
Product Safety Surfacing, Anti Slip, Equestrian
Thickness 23mm
Resistance to N/A
Colour Black

Technical Data

Size Specifications Compound Values
1.0m x 1.0m x 23mm Compound: NR
Hardness [Shore A]: 60°
Density [SG]: 1.5
Tensile Strength: [MPA] 3.0
Elongation [min]: 250%
Abrasion Resistance [mm³] 200
Minimum Temperture: -20°C
Maximum Temperture: +70°C

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