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Lathe Cut Gaskets

Lathe Cut Gaskets | Washers | Seals

Lathe cut gaskets are a cost effective alternative to moulded or die cut gaskets.

Rubber lathe cutting method can be used to produce rubber washers, rubber seals or sleeves.

We extrude the correct compound then lathe cut to customers requirements. Tube sizes range from 6mm to 500mm O.D. and wall thickness’s from 0.5mm. We can also mandrel build, which is then cured. This can then be ground for the required O.D. finish. Most compounds can be lathe cut; however very soft or very hard rubber compounds are not suitable.


Lathe cut gaskets advantages include: tight tolerances to .003″, a wide range of polymers, a wide range of sizes – unlimited I.D./O.D./cut thickness combinations, cost effective.

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