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premium fine ribbed matting

Item Code: RC04118

Premium Fine Ribbed Matting

Anti-Slip | Premium Fine Ribbed Matting

Our premium fine ribbed matting is a high quality safety product. The matting offers excellent anti-slip properties, to prevent potential injuries and falls in both wet and dry environments. We are able to supply this particular matting in a range of widths and thicknesses to match your unique requirements.

The key feature of our premium fine ribbed matting are the fine rubber ribs which run along the width of the mats. Although simple in design, the ribs grant the matting a few unique features compared to other non slip matting products. First of all, each individual rib provides it’s own anti slip properties. The ribs are slightly flexible which enables them to bend and compress under pressure. This enables them to constantly maintain a connection to the person using the mats. The gaps between the ribs provide channels which enables liquid and debris to run away from the surface of the mats.

We design and manufacture this product to resist curling and warping, even after heavy periods of use. Other matting products can curl slightly at the edges which affects the gripping properties of the mats. In some cases the curled edges can also pose a potential tripping hazard, if not carefully monitored. This makes our premium fine ribbed matting the ideal flooring solution for heavy foot traffic applications.

Key Features

  • Excellent anti-slip, even when wet
  • These runner mats resist curling and warping
  • Runner rubber matting creates a barrier to cold flooring substrates
  • Can quieten footsteps over noisy tiled areas
  • Fine ribbed rubber matting can also be used as a liner for maintenance and tool carts
  • Easily cut to necessary shape

High Quality Material

We manufacture our premium fine ribbed matting from a Natural Rubber / SBR compound due to the excellent durability the material offers. Natural Rubber offers good resistance to both tearing and abrasion damage. This property is particularly important for mats as it ensures that they can withstand frequent use without warping or deteriorating. NR / SBR also features a wide functioning temperature range from -20°C to 70°C. This enables you to easily use this product in both interior and exterior applications.

We can supply our premium fine ribbed matting a variety of widths, lengths and thicknesses to suit you. We also offer a selection of different colours, which are available subject to minimum order quantities.

The Rubber Company manufacture and supply a wide range of non slip matting and flooring products. Don’t hesitate to get in contact with us, if you are unsure which product is best suited to your unique requirements.

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Application General Purpose, Health & Safety
Product Anti Slip, Runner Matting, Safety Matting
Thickness 3mm, 4.5mm, 6mm
Resistance to N/A
Colour Black, Green, Grey

Technical Data

Roll Sizes Weight [kg/M²] Specifications Compound Values
10m x 0.9m x 3.0mm 4.50 Compound: SBR/NR
10m x 1.0m x 3.0mm 4.50 Hardness [Shore A]: 70°
10m x 1.2m x 3.0mm 4.50 Density [SG]: 1.5
10m x 1.0m x 4.5mm 6.75 Tensile Strength: [MPA] 3.0
10m x 1.2m x 4.5mm 6.75 Elongation[min]: 150%
10m x 1.0m x 6.0mm 9.0 Abrasion Resistance [mm³] 300
10m x 1.2m x 6.0mm 9.0 Minimum Temperture: -20°C
Maximum Temperture: +70°C

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