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Item Code: RC02109

PVC / Nitrile Foam

PVC / Nitrile Sponge Rubber

This is a closed cell sponge with smooth outer skin. With good resistance to oil, heat and weathering, it is an ideal sealing material against gas or liquid. PVC/Nitrile foam has strong thermal and acoustic insulating properties. Closed cell PVC/Nitrile foam conforms to: Flame retardant specifications BS476 Class O part 6 &  7. Temperature range -50°C to +116°C

Its smooth outer skin acts as a water vapour barrier to prevent water vapour migration and retain excellent performance. Expanded PVC/Nitrile rubber is used widely in the construction industry as a thermal insulation foam. It requires very low compression to provide a seal.

PVC/Nitrile is a waterproof insulation material so can be used to keep pipes dry and prevent corrosion forming.

With its resistance to a wide temperature range, our PVC/Nitrile foam can be used in a range of different applications to seal against the ingress of moisture, water, air and dust. Used regularly in hot and cold water transmission units, air conditioning units and many other ducting systems.


Thickness range 3mm – 25mm Roll lengths 30m – 8m depending on thickness.

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