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Rubber Arch Fenders

High Quality Rubber Arch Fenders

Arch fenders have become increasingly popular in recent years due to the unique features the fender offers. These fenders are manufactured from a single piece of rubber moulding, using a simple yet rugged design. This enables arch fenders to be very strong and hard wearing. The simple design also reduces the amount of maintenance needed, even after a period of heavy use.

The shape of the arch fenders also grants it unique properties. The base either side of the fender is attached to the desired surface, which enables the arch to compress and move while under pressure. This enables it to absorb greater impacts without warping and deterioration.

Available In Two Options

The Rubber Company supply arch fenders in two formats:

  • Arch fenders with a rubber contact face

This format is perfect for general-purpose applications. The rubber face grants the fender with excellent high friction properties. This is used to greatly reduce any potential movements between the sea vessel and the wharf.

  • Arch fenders with either UHMW-PE or steel pile head plate

The key feature of this particular arch fender is the replaceable head plate. The UHMW-PE plates are highly durable while also offering superb non-marking and low friction properties. This reduces any potential damage that may be done to both the sea vessel and the wharf. The non-marking properties in particular are desirable in marinas and other applications that are used by yachts and other private craft as they preserve the appearance of the vessel. The head plates can be easily replaced which also helps to increase the life expectancy of the fender itself.

Easy To Install

Arch fenders are incredibly simple and easy to install. Each fender is delivered to you pre-drilled, with the holes evenly spread out for a secure connection. This ensures that our arch fenders can withstand frequent as well as heavy impacts.

Size & Performance Guide

We have included a detailed size guide to ensure that you get the perfect fender to match your unique requirements. If you are unsure which size is most suitable be sure to check the performance table and graph in the linked PDF we have provided. This will give you a better idea of the range of the impacts the fenders can withstand.



Key Features:

  • Rugged single piece rubber moulding 
  • PIANC standard approved
  • Incredibly strong and durable 
  • Great shear performance 
  • Wide choice of rubber compounds
  • Proven design with thousands installed worldwide
  • Available with low friction UHMW-Polyethylene face 

Applications Include:

  • Cargo berths
  • Workboat harbours 
  • RoRo and cruise terminals
  • Barge and tug berths

Arch Fender Guide

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