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Rubber Cylindrical Fenders

The Rubber Company manufacture Hollow Rubber Cylindrical Fenders for use on vessels, quays, docks, and jetty’s. Rubber fenders are to prevent damage to both vessel and docks by absorbing the impact of contact. The Rubber Company’s Rubber Cylindrical Fenders can be easily mounted on the hull of the ship using suspended installation. We can manufacture the fenders with tapered ends to get a body bend connection to the hull of the vessel. We can also supply pre curved rubber cylindrical fenders and cut to required length.

Rubber Cylindrical Fenders are designed to prevent the vessel and the dock from being damaged during berthing and anchoring processes, as it can effectively counteract the force generated during vessel berthing.


Key Features:

  • Simple and economical cylinder design
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Wide range of sizes up to 2700mm diameter
  • Thick rubber wall resists abrasion and wear
  • Progressive load-deflection cure.


  • Bulk cargo berths
  • General cargo quays
  • RoRo and ferry terminals
  • Fishing and work boat berths
  • Pontoons and floating structures
  • Tug havens

Rubber Cylindrical Fenders in the smaller sizes are produced using an extrusion method (See Extruded Profile Fenders). When in the larger sizes we use a wrapping method.

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