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Rubber Entrance Mats

Rubber Entrance Mats | RubbaClean

RubbaClean is our range of high quality rubber entrance mats. The mats are perfect for preventing the spread of dirt in heavy pedestrian traffic areas. We can supply our RubbaClean mats in a variety of formats and colours to give you greater control over the appearance and functionality of your entrance mats.

Dirt and debris which is brought into buildings can quickly ruin carpets and other interior floors. The dust can easily spread, and can greatly increase the chance of electrical equipment breaking. It also spreads germs throughout the building which can be harmful to the people working inside. The best solution to these problems is to prevent the dirt and debris from being able to enter the building in the first place.

Our rubber entrance mats can significantly reduce the amount of dirt and dust which is carried inside by 80%. This also saves you money in the long run as it lowers maintenance and renovation costs.

RubbaClean Matting Insert Options

We offer a choice of three different inserts for use with our rubber entrance mats. We typically suggest looking at the type of dirt and debris which are entering the building as well as the footwear worn in order to ensures you get the appropriate matting. Each option provides it’s own strengths and features.

1) RubbaClean T – Textile Insert

These durable fabric inserts offer good resistance to abrasion damage and absorb moisture well. This type of matting is highly versatile and is commonly used in office building entrances where a wide variety of footwear is worn.

2) RubbaClean R – Rubber Insert

The rubber inserts provide superior mechanical strength. This makes them ideal for use in heavy foot traffic environments on in cases where work boots are worn. It also features good resistance to moisture and corrosion. This greatly reduces the maintenance needed to preserve the mats. Rubber also features a wide temperature range which makes it perfect for use in environments with poor heating or exterior applications.

3) RubbaClean S – Scrubbing Brush Insert

The scrubbing brush inserts also feature a high mechanical strength. The individual brushes are perfect at removing even the most stubborn dried on dirt. This option also provides good resistance to moisture, corrosion as well as temperature changes. These qualities make this option highly versatile and suitable for use in many applications and environments.

We can also install multiple inserts into a single entrance matting system. This gives you all of the benefits in one package. For example, the first half of the system uses RubbaClean S and the second half of the system has RubbaClean T inserts like this:

Installation Options

You have two options to install our RubbaClean rubber entrance mats. Either using a frame and a recess in the floor. This ensures that the matting is level with the current ground surface which greatly reduces potential tripping hazards. Alternatively you can install the matting on top of the existing flooring with the use of ramped edges. The ramped edges enable trolleys and other small wheeled objects to easily move over the mats and also reduce tripping hazards.

aluminum frameramp profile

Colour Range

The variety of colour options we offer give you the opportunity for your mats to either blend in or stand out against the existing flooring.


The Rubber Company manufacture and supply a wide variety of rubber entrance mats to suit any application and environment. Don’t hesitate to get in contact with us if you are unsure which option is best suited for you.

If you haven’t found what you are looking for, you can view our full range of entrance matting products here.

Technical Data

RubbaClean T RubbaClean R RubbaClean S
Internal Use Only Internal & External Use Internal & External Use
Temp Range: +5°C Temp Range: -40°C to +5° Temp Range: -40°C to +5°
Height: 17mm & 22mm Height: 17mm & 22mm Height: 17mm & 22mm
Colour: Grey, Black, Brown Colour: Grey, Black, Brown Colour: Grey, Black, Brown

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