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Rubber P Extrusions

Rubber P Extrusions / Piping Extrusions

We manufacture and supply an extensive selection of rubber P extrusions to suit any purpose. Also known as P seals, piping extrusions, bead profiles, tadpole seals and even music note seals, this is a extremely popular product. We manufacture our P profiles from a variety of materials such as; EPDM, silicone as well as rubber TPE. Our rubber P extrusions come in a range of bead and flange sizes to ensure you get the perfect product to match your specific requirements.

A Wide Variety Of Uses

Rubber P extrusions are a highly versatile product. They are commonly used in industrial as well as private applications due to the excellent sealing and protective properties the profile offers. We have a selection of P extrusions available as both hollow and solid profiles depending on the application.

Below we provide extensive information about each material compound and the potential uses for that P extrusion. However, if you are unsure about which particular P extrusion is most suitable for your unique application please don’t hesitate to get into contact with us.

Different Manufacturing Compounds

 Rubber TPE:
Thermoplastic elastomers, also known as TPE are a combination of rubber and plastic polymers which grants the material benefits of both compounds. Rubber TPE has the ability to stretch to moderate elongations before returning to it’s original shape. This superior “shape memory” make TPE P extrusions ideal for use in sealing applications. TPE also exhibits a wide temperature range with certain P profiles able to function in temperatures as high as 250°C and as low as -40°C. However, this varies depending on the extrusion. Another key feature of TPE is it’s non marking abilities, this makes it perfect for use as a contact seal as well as decorative trim.

Common uses for TPE P extrusions are:

  • Hatch Seal
  • Door Seal
  • Window Seal
  • Decorative Trim

Silicone rubber is commonly used in industry due to the unique properties the material offers. Silicone is a non-reactive material and is also resistance to extreme environments and temperatures. It is able to maintain it’s useful properties in temperatures as high as 300°C and as low as -50°C. These qualities make this particular material ideal for use in outdoor or food contact applications. We manufacture our silicone P extrusions from an FDA approved silicone. This means that our material has been certified to be safe for use in food contact applications. It is also non leaching and pyrogen free, which ensures that the material will not contaminate any food.

Common uses for silicone P extrusions are:

  • Food Contact Applications
  • Oven Seals
  • High Temperature Sealing
  • Gasket Seals
  • Dispensers

Rubber EPDM is a highly versatile material. To begin with EPDM is a closed cell material, this makes it excellent at sealing out water as well as the elements. It is also resistant to weathering, which enables you to use it in a variety of climates and environments. These features make EPDM perfect for use in sealing applications, particularly vehicle seals. Another feature of EPDM is it’s great chemical resistance, which enables it to be in contact with a wide variety of chemicals without deterioration. Finally, EPDM is incredibly light weight and easy to cut.

Common uses for EPDM P extrusions are:

  • Hatch Seal
  • Door Seal
  • Window Seal
  • Vehicle Seals

Neoprene offers superior degradation resistance compared to the other material compounds listed. This makes the material ideal for use in more demanding applications, such as exterior seals. Neoprene also offers great fire and burn resistance, which makes it an incredibly safe material. Despite not having such a wide temperature range as the other materials (120°C to -6°C), neoprene is able to maintain good chemical stability as well as flexibility.

Common uses for neoprene P extrusions are:

  • Panel Seal
  • Glazing Seal

We are able to supply rubber P extrusions in various sizes from 5mm up to 40mm bead diameter. Below are examples of our most popular rubber P extrusions, manufactured from various compounds. However, if you require a custom P extrusion don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to design and manufacture new profiles to ensure you get the best product possible.

The Rubber Company offers a wide selection of extrusions to suit a variety of applications. You can view our full extrusion range here.

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