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Solid Rubber Glazing Seals

Glazing Seals | Window Gaskets

We supply a wide range of weather strip and glazing seal (also known as Claytonrite) rubber extrusions in many different glass & panel combinations for glass, acrylic and Perspex. Rubber window seals are used with a filler strip which clamps the rubber in place. A fitting tool can also be supplied to allow for easy windows seal replacement.

EPDM Glazing Seals

Our EPDM rubber glazing seals have excellent weathering, wind and watertight resistance. We have a range of compounds for Rail, Medical and fire specifications available to special order.

Filler Strip Colour: Black, White, Red or Chrome finish.

EPDM Glazing Seal Profiles

TPE Glazing Seals

Like EPDM, our TPE window rubbers offer excellent resistant to weathering. We can also produce TPE window seals in a range of colours.

TPE Glazing Profiles

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