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EPDM Sponge Profiles

A wide range of profiles in closed cell EPDM sponge are available from stock. The profiles are suitable for diverse sealing applications. We stock sponge strip, plain and adhesive backed, extruded with skin on all four sides or slit from sheeting with skin top and bottom only.

Key features:

  • The closed cell structure is impermeable to air and water, creating the perfect material for sealing
  • Extremely durable
  • Excellent UV resistance
  • Wide temperature range
  • Good ageing properties

Applications include:

  • Automotive applications
  • Electronics
  • Construction trades
  • Shock absorbers
  • Gaskets
  • Glazing and closure seals
  • Jointing expansion
  • Weather strips

Profile references: 

Image 2 on the left: RC-S071

Image 3 on the left: RC-S111

Image 4 on the left: RC-S136

Image 5 on the left: RC-S137

Image 6 on the left: RC-S124


RC-S001 label JPEGRC-S002 label JPEGRC-S003-12 label JPEGRC-S003-25RC-S004 label JPEGRC-S006 label JPEGRC-S007 label JPEGRC-S008 label JPEGRC-S036 label JPEGRC-S052 label JPEGRC-S053 label JPEGRC-S071 label JPEGRC-S084 label JPEGRC-S094 label JPEGRC-S097 label JPEGRC-S104 label JPEGRC-S105 label JPEGRC-S107 label JPEGRC-S108 label JPEGRC-S109 label JPEGRC-S110 label JPEGRC-S111 label JPEGRC-S112 label JPEGRC-S114 label JPEGRC-S115 label JPEGRC-S116 label JPEGRC-S117 label JPEGRC-S118 label JPEGRC-S119 label JPEGRC-S122 label JPEGRC-S123 label JPEGRC-S124 label JPEGRC-S125 label JPEGRC-S126 label JPEGRC-S127 label JPEGRC-S130 label JPEGRC-S131 label JPEGRC-S132 label JPEGRC-S133 label JPEGRC-S134 label JPEGRC-S135 label JPEGRC-S136 label JPEGRC-S137 lsbel JPEGRC-S138 label JPEGRC-S139 label JPEGRC-S140 label JPEGRC-S141 label JPEGRC-S142 label JPEGRC-S143 label JPEGRC-S144 label JPEGRC-S146 label JPEGRC-S147 label JPEGRC-S148 label JPEG


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