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studded interlocking mats

Item Code: RC04114

Studded Interlocking Mats

Rubber Studded Interlocking Mats

Our studded interlocking mats are manufactured from a high quality Natural Rubber/SBR compound. This ensures that our mats are highly durable and also resistant to tearing and many common chemicals. These high durability and resistance properties allow you to use our studded interlocking mats in almost any environment with ease.

The top surface of our studded interlocking mats feature a “coin” design, with each individual coin providing providing excellent levels of grip. This ensures that our mats provide a great, non-slip surface even when wet. The “coin” design also enables the mats to self drain and guide any unwanted liquid away from the mats. The interlocking design around the edge of the mats enable you to easily install and remove the mats as you require them. After installation is complete the mats form as single, strong surface.

If the top surface becomes torn or damaged after a long period of use you can simply flip the mats over and use the underside in order to extend the life of the mats even further! This ensures that our studded interlocking mats need replacing much less often than the alternatives, which means they offer great value for money.

Key Features

  • Highly durable
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Highly versatile
  • Lightweight
  • Reversible for longer life expectancy
  • Low maintenance 

High Quality Materials

We manufacture our studded interlocking mats from a high quality Natural Rubber/SBR compound due to the excellent mechanical properties the material offers. NR/SBR offers good resistance to both friction and tearing. This enables our mats to be in constant heavy use without fear of warping or deterioration. The material is also resistant to many abrasive chemicals and elements, which enables you to use these mats in highly demanding environments. The NR/SBR compound offers far superior resistance to ageing and temperature deterioration compared to standard Natural Rubber.

Potential Applications

The excellent durability and non-slip properties that our studded interlocking mats offer make them the perfect flooring solution in a wide variety of applications.

Common uses for this product include:

  • Gym and exercise areas
  • Stable and animal flooring
  • Wet area applications
  • Insulation flooring
  • Hard floor protection

The Rubber Company manufacture and supply a diverse selection of matting and flooring options to suit any application and environment. If you haven’t found the product you are looking for you can view our full range of matting and flooring products here.


Application Leisure, Equine & Agriculture
Product Anti Slip, Equestrian
Thickness 17mm
Resistance to Please Call
Colour Black

Technical Data

Size Weight [kg/M²] Specifications Compound Values
1.0m x 1.0m x 17mm 23.80 Compound: NR/SBR
Hardness [Shore A]: 65°
Density [SG]: 1.4
Tensile Strength: [MPA] 5.0
Elongation [min]: 300%
Abrasion Resistance [mm³] 200
Minimum Temperture: -20°C
Maximum Temperture: +70°C

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