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Item Code: RC04158

Wye Mat | Ring Matting Roll

Drainable Rubber Ring Matting Roll

The Rubber Company’s Wye Matting is a quality rubber runner with an extensive range of applications. Used in an array of different environments for its many attributes.

Key Features

  • Heavy duty & very versatile ring matting roll
  • Hard wearing natural rubber runner
  • Great anti-slip properties even when wet
  • Only ‘drainable’ rubber runner
  • Comfortable surface with bare feet
  • Good anti-fatigue and soft cushioning 
  • Large width up to 1.83m to line areas in one piece 
  • Ideal for permanent and temporary use – easy to move
  • Internal and external use, on many ground types 

This is the only ‘drainable’ ring matting roll product on the market. Using a heavy duty, open ring design in a 10 metre roll. This rubber matting gets its name ‘Wye’ from its large width of 1.83 metres. This large width makes it a popular product for lining trucks, vans, horse boxes, boat floors and other vehicles, making it possible to line the area with one piece unlike most runners that are 1.2m wide.

This ring matting roll has an excellent anti-slip surface finish to protect against accidents in wet and oily areas. With its gripping surface it is also very comfortable providing anti-fatigue properties and can be walked on with bare feet making it perfect for swimming pool areas.

Used both for permanent or temporary requirements. The ring mat design is the same as our RubbaGrass Safety Matting. Allowing the rubber runner to be used on grass for events or as a permanent solution providing a soft and non-slip surface. The grass will grow through the matting hiding its appearance and once so, can be mown as usual.

Ring Matting Roll Applications

  • Swimming pools and changing rooms
  • Workplace areas, especially prone to spillage
  • Catering and kitchen areas
  • Marinas and vessels 
  • Indoor and outdoor events 
  • Grass pathways



Application Health & Safety, Leisure & General Purpose
Product Anti-Slip, Runner Matting, Safety Surfacing
Thickness 10mm
Colour Black
Roll Sizes 1.83m x 10m, 0.91m x 10m, 1.83m x 5m

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