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Wye Mat | Ring Matting Roll

Drainable Rubber Ring Matting Roll

Our Wye matting is a high quality rubber ring matting roll. It features superior drainage, anti-slip as well as anti-fatigue properties while also providing excellent barefoot comfort. This unique combination of features make our Wye matting highly versatile and desirable in a range of applications and environments.

Wye matting is the only “drainable” ring matting roll available on the market. It utilises a heavy duty, open ring design which allows for the fast drainage of liquids and debris. The product gets its name “Wye” from its large wifth of 1.83 metres. The superior width enables you to cover large areas with ease. When lining trucks, vans, horse boxes and other vehicles our wye matting makes it possible to line the area with one piece, unlike other runners which are only 1.2 metres wide.

The superb anti-slip finish that our ring matting roll offers enables it to protect against potential trips and slips in wet and oily areas. While the top surface provides excellent gripping properties, the rubber compound we use is also very comfortable. It is soft enough to provide excellent barefoot cushioning while also being hard enough to provide a sturdy walking surface. These features make it perfect for use around swimming pools.

Key Features

  • Heavy duty & very versatile ring matting roll
  • Hard wearing natural rubber runner
  • Great anti-slip properties even when wet
  • Only ‘drainable’ rubber runner
  • Comfortable surface with bare feet
  • Good anti-fatigue and soft cushioning 
  • Large width up to 1.83m to line areas in one piece 
  • Ideal for permanent and temporary use – easy to move
  • Internal and external use, on many ground types 

High Quality Material

We manufacture our Wye ring matting roll from a high quality Natural Rubber / SBR compound due to the excellent durability the material offers. NR/SBR is very heard wearing and offers good resistance to both tearing and abrasion resistance. This enables our rolls to be in constant use without warping or deteriorating. The material is also resistant to a variety of common chemicals which makes maintenance easy. Simply wipe the mats clean with disinfectant to provide a hygienic surface.

Potential Applications

The wide variety of features that our ring matting roll offers enable you to use it in a wide range of applications and environments.

Common uses include:

    • Swimming pools and changing rooms
    • Workplace areas, especially prone to spillage
    • Catering and kitchen areas
    • Marinas and vessels 
    • Indoor and outdoor events 
    • Grass pathways

The Rubber Company manufacture and supply a diverse range of matting and flooring products to suit almost any application. Don’t hesitate to get in contact with us if you are unsure which product is best suited to your unique requirements.

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Application Health & Safety, Leisure & General Purpose
Product Anti-Slip, Runner Matting, Safety Surfacing
Material NR/SBR
Thickness 10mm
Colour Black
Roll Sizes 1.83m x 10m, 0.91m x 10m, 1.83m x 5m

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