MS Polymer Sealant

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MS Polymer Sealant

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Key Features

  • Excellent bond strength
  • Suitable for bonding to a wide range of surfaces
  • High levels of elasticity
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • No bubble formation
  • Primerless adhesion
  • Easy to use, even at low temperatures

Product Description

Our MS Polymer Sealant is a high bond strength, single component joint sealant with high levels of elasticity. The easy applicator tube is easy to gun out, even in low temperatures. It also offers excellent resistance to a wide range of chemicals. MS Sealant is incredibly quick and easy to work with, with primerless adhesion available on most surfaces. It also helps to reduce bubble formation for a strong, unified bond.

MS Polymer Sealant is ideal for use in low movement joints within construction and automotive industries. It is also suitable for use in aerospace applications that require a tough flexible rubber. MS Sealant is free from isocyanates, solvents, halogens and acids. This reduces the health and safety risks when applying the sealant.


Base: Hybrid polymer
Consistency: Stable Paste
Curing System: Moisture Cure
Skin Formation: 10 minutes (20°C)
Curing Rate: 2-3mm/24 hour (20°C)
Shrink: None
Specific Gravity: 1.67 g/ml
Temperature Resistance: -40°C to 120°C
Elastic Recovery: > 75%
Tear Strength: 1.8 N/mm² (DIN 53504)

Potential Applications

  • Automotive applications where silicone is banned
  • Ship-deck caulking, ship & boat building
  • Structural bonding in vibration constructions
  • Connection joints in sheet metal fabrication
  • Supple bonding in car bodies, caravans & containers
  • Construction & building fabrication
  • Glass panel bonding
  • Lighting lenses
  • Potting & sealing
  • Bathroom applications
  • Decorative water feature sealing
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