Custom Extrusions

The Rubber Company can help design and develop custom profiles in rubber and plastic to fit virtually every application.
Some of our specialty products include
. Dual Hardness Co - Extrusions To achieve this, two extrusion machines are linked to feed different but compatible materials through a common die tool which allows a homogenous bond together before the cooling process. By bring together two materials say a flexible and a rigid the function of a profile can be increased and in the process reducing components in an assembly. . Flame retardant Neoprene and Silicone we have silicone compounds with a hardness range from 10 - 90 shore A 10 being the softest this grade exhibits extraordinary elastic properties and elongation figures approaching 1000% according to DIN53 505. Most commonly used silicone hardness is 60 shore A 90 shore is a very hard rubber with limited elasticity. . Conductive extrusions .

When enquiring please provide the following information
1 Application use, temperature range, internal/external
2 Sample/Drawing/Sketch
3 Colour required sample, RAL, Pantone or BS
4 Material required if know
5 Quantity required - both samples and bulk order annual usage
6 Coil or cut lengths

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