Draught Excluders & Seals

Our range of rubber draught excluders and seals provide a simple yet effective solution to reduce unwanted draught. We offer a wide selection profiles as standard in order to suit a variety of door and edge sizes. Our draught excluder profiles are very easy to use, simply press over the edge of the door or panel. The self-gripping inner channel enables you to install the profiles without adhesive. This enables you to insert or remove the draught excluder as required. It also provides excellent value for money, as it enables you to use a single profile multiple times.

A key feature of our rubber draught excluders and seals is the composite construction of the profiles. We use a combination of solid rubber, sponge rubber and metal in order to create an effective and durable seal. The sponge sealing section is soft and flexible. This enables it to move to fit the empty space as required. We produce it from a closed cell sponge rubber in order to create a water and airtight seal. The solid rubber gripping section is highly durable to withstand the wear and tear caused from regular use. It also features an excellent "shape memory" which enables our profiles to maintain their shape even after repeated use. A metal insert also runs throughout the length of the profile for further reinforcement.

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