Rubber Cable Protectors

The Rubber Company supply a wide range of rubber cable protectors, which have been specifically designed with workplace safety in mind. We have smaller, low profile options for use in domestic and commercial environments and heavy duty options that can easily withstand the weight of cars, forklift trucks and even vans. One of the advantages of using rubber is that it increases the flexibility of our cable protectors. This enables our rubber cable protectors to lay flat on almost any surface.

Aside from protecting cables, our rubber cable protectors can also help to reduce hazards in the workplace. The low profile design enables our cable protectors to sit as close to the ground as possible, which can greatly reduce potential tripping hazards.

The entire range is available in either black or grey as standard. Each product is manufactured using highly durable Natural Rubber with reusability in mind. Our high visibility and warning protectors are also available with warning stripes in yellow, red or blue. This enables our rubber cable protectors to stand out in any workplace.

Don’t hesitate to get in contact with us if you are unsure which product best suits your specific requirements.

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