Hatch Packing

Composite Watertight Seals

The Rubber Company can manufacture rubber hatch packing in a variety of different materials and sizes to suit any application. We produce hatch seals from solid rubber, sponge rubber and a composite material (sponge core with a solid rubber skin). Our experienced staff are on hand to work with you in order ensure that you always get the perfect seal to suit your unique requirements.

Our composite hatch packing seals combine the best of sponge rubber and solid rubber into a single format. The cellular core is manufactured from a high quality, open cell natural rubber material. This allows for superior rates of compression while still being able to provide an air and watertight seal when under compression. The solid rubber outer skin serves to increase the strength and resistance of the seal, as well as making it easier to install.

We typically supply our hatch packing seals for use in cargo covers and access doors. However, it would be suitable for any door or hatch that requires a watertight seal. Our customers regularly use our composite seals on; Naval Ships, Cruise Ships, Ferry Lines and Oil, Gas & Chemical Tankers.

Do not hesitate to get in contact with us for more information on our composite hatch packing seals.

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