butyl rubber gaskets

Butyl Rubber Gaskets

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Key Features

  • High quality material
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • 70% more impermeable than most other rubbers
  • Excellent resistance to acid & alkali deterioration
  • Good flexibility even in sub-zero temperatures
  • High tear resistance
  • Good shock absorption properties
  • Wide selection of shore hardness’s

Product Description

Our butyl rubber gaskets are manufactured from a synthetic blend of of polymers with a small amount of isoprene. Butyl is an extremely popular gasket material as the compound is much less porous than other rubber compounds. The material features a wide operating range and is able to maintain its flexibility even in sub-zero temperatures. Butyl gaskets also provide good tear resistance and shock absorption properties. This makes them the ideal material for use in highly demanding sealing applications involving gasses and compressed air.

Butyl is regularly used in a wide variety of applications and industries due to the combination of properties the material contains. With the shock absorption and ozone resistance the material offers, butyl rubber gaskets are regularly used in automotive gaskets. Common applications include; cradle mounts, truck body mounts, bonded overload pads as well as elastic damper hang-straps. It is worth noting however, that butyl does not provide good fuel and oil resistance.

In the construction industry, butyl is often used either alone or in combination with other compounds to create window seals. Butyl rubber gaskets are also used in manufacturing applications that require heat and chemical resistance. The low permeability of butyl gaskets also makes them suitable for use in tank lining applications that come into contact with water, acids, or bases.

Butyl gaskets are also used regularly in pharmaceutical applications. The materials chemical resistance, low permeability and inertness make butyl rubber gaskets suitable for use as seals and stoppers.

We manufacture our butyl gaskets from large sheets of butyl rubber. This gives us complete control over the look and finish of the gasket. It also enables us manufacture large size gaskets without the need for joins. Our highly accurate cutting equipment allows us to create highly detailed and complex gaskets in almost any size. For more information on our butyl gasket material, we suggest looking at the butyl sheeting section of our website. Click here view our butyl rubber sheeting materials.

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