nitrile rubber gaskets

Nitrile Rubber Gaskets

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Key Features

  • High quality material
  • Excellent oil, fuel, grease & water resistance
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Good tensile strength & tear resistance
  • Good resistance to certain chemicals & dilute acids
  • Suitable for use in highly demanding applications
  • Food quality grades available
  • Wide selection of shore hardness’s

Product Description

Nitrile rubber gaskets are well known for providing excellent resistance against most fuels, oils and grease. It is this resistance that often makes them the first choice for use in automotive, aerospace and oil industries. Nitrile gaskets also feature good physical properties, providing abrasion and tear resistance. A downside of nitrile is that it is not suitable for use with ketones and provides poor ozone and weathering resistance.

Don’t hesitate to get in contact with us if you are unsure what gasket material is most suitable for your application. We are committed to ensuring that you always get the best possible gasket to suit your unique requirements.

Nitrile, unlike many other rubber compounds is able to resist swelling when exposed to oil and fuel substances. This ensures that our nitrile rubber gaskets are able to maintain their sealing capabilities even in harshest environments. Nitrile gaskets also feature a wide operating temperature range, and function particularly well in high temperatures. This makes them the ideal sealing material for use in engines and other high temperature machinery.

In most applications we manufacture our nitrile rubber gaskets from large sheets of nitrile. This enables us to easily produce large format gaskets without any joins or abnormalities. Our highly accurate cutting machinery also enables us to produce small and complex gaskets.

Material Grades

We can manufacture our nitrile rubber gaskets from a wide selection of material grades and compounds as standard. This gives you almost complete control over the functionality of your gasket. We have included a list below of some of our most popular nitrile gasket materials and the key differences between each grade.

BS2751 Grade

Our BS2751 nitrile has been specifically developed in order to conform to British safety standards. This material features many of the same oil, fuel and chemical resistance found in our other material grades. It has the added bonus of being certified for use in a wide variety of construction and industrial applications.

Fuel Resistant Nitrile/PVC

As the name suggests, our fuel resistant nitrile and pvc blend has been developed for use in fuel processing and fuel transportation applications. This gasket material is incredibly stable and ensures that the fuel remains as contaminant free as possible. It also helps to reduce material swelling while in use.

Food Contact Grade

Our food contract grade nitrile fully conforms to a variety of industry standards including FDA 21 CFR 177.2600. This gasket material is safe for food and beverage contact while also providing many of the same resistance properties found in our other nitrile grades. The flame retardant properties combined with high temperature resistance make this gasket material popular for use in large sale industrial food processing applications.

Economy/Commercial Grade

Our economy and commercial nitrile grades provide a more cost efficient alternative to some of our premium grade materials. The physical properties are mostly the same but this grade does not provide the same fuel and oil resistance as our other grades. This particular gasket material is generally suitable for use in low pressure applications, where the material will not be put under much duress.

Hydrogenated Nitrile

Hydrogenated nitrile or HNBR provides superior resistance and physical properties compared to our standard nitrile grades. It features excellent motor oil, gas, oxidised fuels as well as lubricating oil resistance. It is also resistant against animal and vegetable fat deterioration. We typically supply this gasket material for use in abrasive or hard wearing applications.

Gas Approved Nitrile

Our gas approved nitrile gasket material has been specifically developed to conform to BS EN 682:2002 specification. It provides superior resistance against gas and hydrocarbon fluid deterioration. This material also features good tensile strength and flexibility properties for increased durability in extreme environments.

For more detailed information on each particular grade and compound we suggest visiting the nitrile rubber section of our website. There you will be able to see material descriptions, potential applications, standard thicknesses as well as material datasheets. Click here view our nitrile rubber sheeting materials.

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