Garage & Workshop Flooring

The Rubber Company manufacture and supply a diverse range of garage and workshop flooring to suit any application. Almost all of our flooring options are easy to install and require little to no maintenance, which enables you to spend more time enjoying your space. We offer everything from solid PVC flooring which can be driven over and support the weight of a vehicle to flexible rubber mats which provide superior comfort and cushioning underfoot.

We only supply the highest quality products which we believe in. This ensues that you always get a product which is built to last as well as fit for purpose. Many of our matting products are available in a range of different sizes, which gives you greater freedom over the area you want to cover.

With over 75 years worth of experience working with matting and flooring products we have a great deal of knowledge about which types of product are suitable for different applications and environments. Our friendly and informative staff are on hand to ensure that you always get the best product possible to suit your unique requirements.

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