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Rubber Matting Products

Posted on 4th February 2020

2020 With The Rubber Company

Posted on 16th January 2020
ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001:2015 Certification 2019

Posted on 16th May 2019

RubbaPour Soft Surfacing Solutions

Posted on 9th May 2019
electrical safety matting IEC 61111

Electrical Insulation Matting Brochure

Posted on 9th April 2019

Rubber Garden Surfacing Products

Posted on 27th March 2019
Make The Most Of Your Outdoor Space Spring has sprung all across the country. The sun is shining, the birds are singing and it’s finally time to enjoy your outdoor space. That is, until you notice that months of rain, wind and snow have taken it’s toll on your garden or balcony. The grass has become water logged, the decking is saturated with 6 months worth of rainfall and the weeds have some how found…

Stable Matting Guide Part 2 | Amoebic Stable Mats

Posted on 27th February 2019
Low Maintenance | Amoebic Stable Mats In the second part of our stable matting guide we are going to focus on our amoebic stable mats. A key feature of this product is the amoebic pattern on the top surface of the matting. This provides our matting with excellent anti-slip properties while maintaining a stable walking surface. The low profile design on our matting is also much easier to clean compared to the studded matting alternative. Highly Versatile Matting…

Stable Matting Guide Part 1 | Interlocking Stable Mats

Posted on 22nd January 2019
Easy To Use | Interlocking Stable Mats Here at The Rubber Company we manufacture stable and agricultural mats for a wide variety of applications and environments. In this four part post we are going to explore the different matting and flooring products that are available to you as well as the difference between each product. We understand that no two requirements will ever be the same, so we feel it is important to offer a wide…

2019 – A New Year Of Rubber Products

Posted on 2nd January 2019
The Year Of Rubber After a great 2018 everyone here at The Rubber Company is working hard to ensure that 2019 is the year of rubber. One thing remains the same however, our aim is always to provide the best products possible to suit your unique requirements. We welcome all enquiries, from private use customers to large scale companies. We feel that our excellent customer service as well as attention to detail help to set us…

RubbaGrass Outdoor Walkway Matting at Stonehenge

Posted on 14th December 2018
Stonehenge Outdoor Walkway Matting Stonehenge is a site of great mystery that attracts visitors from all around the world. It is situated in a large field in the heart of the English countryside, which can cause some maintenance issues. During the summer months when attendance is at it’s highest soil erosion can kill the grass and deteriorate the ground below. During periods of heavy rain the ground can become boggy, which leads to certain pathways…

Outdoor Safe Surfacing Solutions

Posted on 5th October 2018
What is Safe Surfacing? As our knowledge of the world increases so does our understanding of the hazards posed by that world. With new technologies and materials becoming cheaper and more accessible than ever before steps must be taken to ensure the safety of all those who come into contact with them. Health and safety regulations enable us to greatly reduce the risk of serious injury through minimising potential hazards. As the name suggests, safe…
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