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Cast Foam Vessel Fender

Item Code: RC0821
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Key Features

  • High quality finish
  • Incredibly lightweight
  • Excellent impact & abrasion resistance
  • Easy to install
  • Virtually non-marking finish
  • Wide variety of core densities
  • Custom moulded bow & corner sections
  • Bespoke manufacturing possible

Product Description

Our wide range of cast foam vessel fender products provide a simple and lightweight alternative to standard fender systems. These fenders are manufactured from a combination of a polyethylene foam core with a marine-grade polyurethane coating. This enables us to provide a smooth and uniform finish with excellent impact absorption properties in a single package.

A key feature our cast foam vessel fender products provide is a quicker and simpler installation method compared to rubber fenders. The lightweight construction of the fenders allows for easy transportation as well as installation by hand. You can install our foam fenders in sections, as each fender contains a male and a female end. This enables you to install multiple fender sections together to create a single large section.

Polyethylene Core:

The core is manufactured from a high performance, cross-linked polyethylene foam due to the resistance and durability it offers. As it is a closed cell material it will not absorb water or allow gases to pass through it. As a result, the material is impervious to bacteria, mildew and rotting. This is a particularly important in water contact applications as it helps to significantly increase the life expectancy of the product.

Polyurethane Coating:

The outer coating is manufactured from a polyurethane elastomer, which provides our cast foam vessel fender products with some unique features. Elastomers are typically rubber-like polymers which provides our fenders with an excellent “shape memory”. This enables our product to be in constant use without fear of warping. The polyurethane coating also helps to increase the load bearing capacity and impact resistance of our foam fenders.


Application: Yachts, Search and rescue vessels, Crew transfer vessels, Pilot and patrol vessels, High speed interceptor vessels, Tourist vessels, Military vessels
Product: Cast Foam Vessel Fenders
Hardness (Shore A):
Material: Polyethylene (core) / Polyurethane (outer)
Colour: Black (as standard)

Potential Applications

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