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Cylindrical Fenders

Item Code: RC0802
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Key Features

  • Simple & economical cylinder design
  • Easy to install & maintain
  • Wide range of sizes up to 2700mm diameter
  • Thick rubber wall resists abrasion & wear
  • Progressive load-deflection cure

Product Description

The Rubber Company manufacture and supply a wide selection of hollow cylindrical fenders for use in various marine applications. Our cylindrical fenders are perfect for use in applications which need protection from large objects and impact. We specifically design these fenders to offer the maximum compression rates possible without the fender warping or deteriorating.

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Purpose Built for You

Our cylindrical fenders are available in two main formats in order to serve a unique purpose. These two formats are:

Ship Fenders

Cylindrical ship fenders are typically mounted onto the hull of the ship using the suspended installation method. This method utilises a longitudinal chain, which provides continuous secure protection. We can also taper the ends of the fender in order to get a body blend connection to the hull of the sea vessel.

These particular fenders offer heavy duty protection against a wide variety of impacts. Due to their weight they are commonly used on larger sea craft.

Marina Fenders

We manufacture these fenders through a die using the extrusion method. This gives us greater control over the outcome of the product, which enables us to produce these fenders as small as 20mm OD all the way up to 2700mm OD. We can produce this product in various lengths to suit your unique requirements, (up to the maximum run length).

We also offer the option of pre-curving and drilling for these cylindrical fenders prior to dispatch.


Application: Vessel & dock impact protection
Product: Cylindrical Fender
Hardness (Shore A): Varies depending on material & design
Material: Natural Rubber / SBR as standard
Colour: Black

Potential Applications

  • Bulk cargo berths
  • General cargo quays
  • RoRo & ferry terminals
  • Fishing & work boat berths
  • Pontoons & floating structures
  • Tug havens
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